Why Are Accessories A Problem For Microsoft?

That Gaming Site writes: "Since the launch of the Xbox 360, consumer's have been greeted by various Xbox 360 Accessories, many of them will seem way over priced for what it really is, like the harddrive's. Many gamer's already know why the accessories' are priced like that, not because of greed, but because of how the device is manufactured....."

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HipHopGamerShowFan3755d ago

Are you guys forgetting M$ loves money? And the xbots love giving their money to them?

Elven63755d ago

I assume you didn't read the article, Microsoft doesn't make the huge profit people think they do on accessories, it's really outlined in the article. Kotaku even has a few detailing how the price is divided when it comes to accessories.

HipHopGamerShowFan3755d ago

M$ aint even trying to do something about it Elven.

Hellsvacancy3755d ago

its because most of the 360 accessories u get for free or better on the Ps3

sak5003755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Yeah like 15 year old plastic toy controller which we used to play when we were kids on ps1/ps2 and no hdmi cables for you bdplayer. How about playing when u're controller runs out of juice? u plug it in with 2 foot cord with ur face upto 5 inches from the 40" screen.

No thanks, I'd rather pay for quality accessories.

IzKyD13313755d ago

"How about playing when u're controller runs out of juice?"

better than frantically running to the store to buy batteries, or paying 20 bucks for a charge kit

doshey3755d ago

thats why i went out and bought a longer usb cord for 2 bucks :/ ur such a tard sak there is such a thing as longer usb cords but u wouldnt know that cuz u use that 20 buck charge and play kit

ruiner44823755d ago

For less than the price of the recharge kit, you can get a longer usb cord, and an hdmi cable.

If you're really smart you can use a smartphone charger that uses a mini usb to plug it into an outlet close to you. Or just buy two controllers, which is what most people do. :)

zo6_lover273755d ago

I can use ANY usb cord I want, not those lame proprietary ones M$ forces you to buy.

juuken3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

"How about playing when u're controller runs out of juice? u plug it in with 2 foot cord with ur face upto 5 inches from the 40" screen."

Fortunate for me, my computer is close enough to my T.V/PS3. I can easily take the *short* cord you 360 fanatics are always laughing about, and charge my PS3 controller on my PC. You don't need to charge your controller on the PS3 if you have a PC that can do the job.

My PS3 controller is always ready to go no matter what.

You love wasting money on things you can get for the PS3 all in one for a good price. As for me, my money goes towards games, not extra crap that should have been built into the system in the beginning.

Nathaniel_Drake3755d ago

Heheheh...I'm charging my controller right now while I'm surfing the web and not playing my PS3, there wasn't a time I had to stop a game and plug into a tv and play close up, the battery last a long time, and it is more trouble having to put batteries in everytime when they run out, yeah I think you got your logic reversed =)

heyheyhey3755d ago

£60 for some crappy wi-fi adapter

god knows how much for a slow HDD with 120gb max (not that you would need much since the 360's media capabilities suck)

yeah sak....... quality....dumbass

morganfell3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Now I keep this post of mine on hand so when ass hats like sak500 open their suckhole I don't have to retype it and I can just cut and paste.

I love xbox bags of crap like you that failed math class. You are the type of imbeciles that wind up working some dead end low rent job until you are 70 and then fall and break your neck on the steps of your single wide.

Thick heads like you that can't do simple addition and see that with all the items required for a normal gaming experience the 360 easily costs more than the PS3. No, brain dead hicks like yourself certainly can't think long term investment strategies when they can't calculate the cost of a gaming console over a 4 year period. Enjoy your crappy, disappointing and hopefully brief life.

From past posts of mine, some references for village idiots such as yourself:


PS3 - Industry Standard SATA
360 - Proprietary

Charging Kit

PS3 - Industry Standard USB cable
360 - Proprietary

Wireless Headset

PS3 - Industry Standard Bluetooth
360 - Proprietary

Wireless Keyboard for gaming

PS3 - Industry Standard Bluetooth
360 - None (not supported)

Wireless Mouse for gaming

PS3 - Industry Standard Bluetooth
360 - None (not supported)

Next Gen Removable Media Player

PS3 - Industry Standard Blu-ray
360 - None (Still accepts HD DVD Betamax equivalent)

Wifi adapter

PS3 - Built in
360 - Proprietary

External Storage for saving network downloads

PS3 - Industry Standard (I use a WD Passport)
360 - Can't save network downloads to external drive

Memory Cards

PS3 - Not necessary but transferring game saves and HDD items can be done via Industry Standard HDD or jump drive

360 - Proprietary Memory card

Device to copy files to HDD

PS3 - stream via free Tversity, copy directly using Industry Standard external HDD, jump drive, or disk media

360 - function not available (ripping music excepted)

It is just another manner in which MS forces hidden costs on gamers to which dullard bots are oblivious. It also shows the 360 wasn't a very industry friendly nor well thought out console.

On the other hand the PS3 costs are up front and it was designed with longevity and integration in mind. It easily trumps the 360 as the living room media hub.

We know what we are paying for up front and acknowledge it. Whereas idiots like you are either oblivious to the additional costs to make the 360 a full experience of else they are aware of it and just living in denial. Your post alone shows what an imbecile you are and verifies your stupidity is without bounds. Allow me to quote myself since you are obviously worth little more than that:

"Another drone living in denial, shelling out his 50 bucks a year and sticking his head in the sand. It is a common sense deduction but when your head is down and buried all we see is your exposed ass...which is what you have been showing.

What is puzzling is how eternally ignorant xbots are composed of all the school dunces that flunked math. Someone should conduct a study on that fact...

I bought my launch 360 for $399. Then I allowed for at least 4 years of Live since MS drops their consoles AND customers at that point so now I am up to $599. Then I added a next gen movie player...that lost the war because MS was stupid. That brought me up to $778. Then I decided I wanted the play and charge kit. That was another $19. That took me to $797. With taxes I was over $800.

Do I need to keep going and talk about how I was forced to buy the proprietary charge kit from MS instead of an industry standard USB cable I had laying around at the house?

Do I need to talk about how there was only one wireless headset available (two if you count colors and a HALO logo - whoopty do) and it was proprietary instead of an industry standard?

Do I need to talk about how I had to pay a fortune for a BS 120GB HDD instead of an industry standard that was half the price for twice the storage?

Do I need to talk about how I had to spend money on a WiFi attachment instead of having one built in?

Do I need to talk about how Microsoft's utterly stupid DRM policy ripped me off for items I had purchased for a year and a half? When the DRM fix was finally available I still have roughly $80 worth of items that are still not available. Of the ones I do have 3 of the most prominent are for games no one plays any longer. That makes the value of those items forfeited by me en toto.

And I won't mention that out of 3 months lost of Live time as I awaited the return of consoles, MS only reimbursed me for 1. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it. Another $100 pissed away.

While I am talking standards, do I need to mention the lack of an HDMI on my launch 360? I guess the fact 3 of them died until I got a 4th model is some sort of HDMI blessing in disguise. That is, after all, the sort of idiot logic you espouse.

You really need to keep your trap shut before you make a bigger ass of yourself. Imbeciles like you that think trigonometry is a painful knee condition should avoid any console debates relating to the expense of a full gaming experience.

Dyingduck3755d ago

All I got to say got served.

TheDude2dot03755d ago


I'm sure if you look around the house, you will find at least two usb cords that work with the PS3 controller. As long as you have more than one controller, you can easily just charge one up while play on the other. If not, just buy a two dollar longer usb cord.

And to all others:

I think you guys are giving Sony too much credit for being open when it comes to things like HDD and blue tooth headsets. They could easily put a cheap usb mic that could plug into your PS3 controller, allowing everyone to talk together. This openess is sometimes a setback.

Pain3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Got beaten bloody retarded half dead lying on the curb drooling on ones self after that barrage..ouch... anyone wanna call a ambulance? or shall we leave it to die?...
......but somebody's going to have to clean the mess it will bring bugs..

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heyheyhey3755d ago

why? it's pretty simple isn't it

they are too cheap to include it in the console to reach their "mass-market price".......... and still get owned in sales by the PS3

Elven63755d ago

Its funny how you guys don't bother reading the article instead just base your comments on what the title is.

zo6_lover273755d ago

It still doesn't matter.

With the ps3 you don't have to buy most of those accessories because they already come with it.

BTW I did read the article.

ruiner44823755d ago

I read the article, and I don't really care how much Microsoft gets off the part. They could be losing money for all I care. It is just plain stupid to charge people 170 bucks for a hard drive. They could have done it like Sony and made it user upgradable.

100 bucks for a wifi adapter that is ridiculous as well. Mass producing the wifi chipset would have made the production costs of that, minimal. I always made the argument not to play games on wifi, but with consoles it changes that. I don't like having my modem and router in the living room next to my tv.

juuken3755d ago

I read the article.

I still say that what Microsoft is doing is not right.
They're milking their fanbase out of money that could be used towards games. Why should I have to pay for extra stuff to get the most out of the 360 when I could buy a PS3 and it has all that stuff in one?

The 360 may seem cheaper, but when you add up that extra crap, it turns out to be more money than the PS3.

mfwahwah3755d ago

In a scary way, it's worse that MS isn't making a ton of profit. What the Hell are consumers paying so much for when it's not even benefiting the company they're forced to support?

Sony doesn't get supported by HDD sales either, but then again, I bought a 160 gig HDD for $60. You pay 3 times that for a smaller HDD, and it doesn't even give MS money to put towards R&D or their 1st party games or ANYTHING; it just wastes your money.

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bobokadof3755d ago

there is not way to justify the price on their HDD's other than greed...hell look @ the M$ points system. you cant just go buy something that cost $15....noooo u have to spend 25. i like the xbox but not as much as i used to ...good job sony

Elven63755d ago

Their is a way, out of the $179 or what ever the cost of the HDD is after everything i done and over with Microsoft makes less then $20 per HDD, not as much as what people previously thought.

zo6_lover273755d ago

So if they just took the proprietary cover off.

And BTW, Sony is making $0 off of every HDD for the ps3 sold. think about that.

MazzingerZ3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Sony utilises a more international approach...Msft uses rather the american model = pay for everything

KeiulZen3755d ago

its due to MS's greedy ways and their "bait and switch" tactics that I traded in my 360 for a PS3. The 360 had some good games, but paying for Live, being afraid to play my system because of RROD, and lets not forget the usual douchebaggery that you encounter on Live (which killed it for me, especially since I'm paying money to experience this douche-like treatment) just doesn't justify the purchase anymore.

Too Human was supposed to be my reason for purchase of a 360 in February 2008, but sadly, it's not to my liking. So I'd rather just have a PS3 and not have to pay money for the services that "defines" the system.

yanikins1113755d ago

Why cant they just release a hdd case that can be opened and have the user insert any hdd they want? would cost what? $15?

MNicholas3754d ago

1) Any independent industry analyst can tell you that the parts cost for the 120GB hard-drive is low.

2) The only reason why Microsoft has placed "proprietary" components within the hard-drive and other accessories is to make sure that off-the-shelf accessories do not work.

Microsoft and the author of this article wants people to believe that it costs more to make a 120GB hard-drive than to make a PS2 which has a complex CPU, GPU, power supply, RAM, EDRAM, and a number of licensed and proprietary technologies and protocols.

Microsoft is making a massive profit on those accessories.

Idonthatejustcreate3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

The xbox360 can't compete with the PS3 in price. Everything is cheaper on the PS3. Just to be able to use a samsung 500Gb HDD in your Ps3 says alot about Sony. They don't get one dime from that purchase but you gain the ability to download all of thier products and store it on the HDD to share or use as you please. They put their customers first and that I truly applaud them for.

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