Action/RPG From Jaleco for the Wii

Whether or not we'll see this gorgeous looking game stateside, is still unknown but let's keep an eye on it.

Click on the site below to see more screens, but beware, it runs a bit slow and it's not an easy one to navigate through.

Full game details after the jump!

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ChickeyCantor3729d ago

I like the looks of the visuals..
Website is well designed but it gives you like 1 minute before the lights go off...Why ?XD
then again its japanese....

cooke153729d ago

that looks pretty cool! need more info though

ps360s3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )'s really good and a very nice idea!! it's a teaser site and a good one indeed...

i was fast enough to look at all the screentshots and art works hehe

N4g_null3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Maybe I should start submitting news here. You guys are in the dark a lot. The only thing that gets submitted is Flame bait arena stuff. This gaming looks sick! Almost the best Wii graphics and style so far.

It seems to use a top down view but goes all shadow of the colossus when needed. Plus it s action RPG with out being cute. I noticed Madworld using a similar idea when fighting the boss. Apparently we are going to get a lot of god of war type games on the Wii which is fine by me.

The Website is a teaser. i though Jaleco was dead! But thanks to all the layoffs in japan and in the states I guess there was a lot of talent floating around out there and Jaleco must have snatched them up. I wonder how long this game was in development? Some serious art was done for this game. This is what I would love to see on the HD systems but I guess a company like Jaleco just can not afford it. Hey at least HD gaming has EA and Ubisoft!

The games are starting to come out of the wood work aren't they. I though it was going to be japan that does this but it's actually the pretty balanced now even codemasters is on board.

This is what I though would happen. Some times it is easier to fight to get certain things from a publisher once guys start doing games like this.

If you remember square use to be a small player. They all started out very small. Many people where waiting for bigger companies to come forth but it's the little guys that have some thing to prove. Plus o it almost always has to be a new IP which makes thing that much better.