Banjo 64 coming to VC?

In the latest issue of OXM there is a small segment on Nuts and bolts. It states that the Banjo 64 coming to XBLA will be an exact port and specifically states "will include the Nintendo logo on the title screen". It then says that Microsoft made a deal with Nintendo...

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princejb1343677d ago

cool i guess for banjo fans
but i was never really much of a banjo fan

Nugan3677d ago

Microsoft may have just thrown money at Nintendo until they agreed. A "deal" doesn't necessarily mean that the game will appear on VC as well.

That said, Microsoft and Nintendo seem to be getting friendly when it comes to Rare, since there's a Viva Pinata game on the DS and one rumored for the Wii.

In some ways it would make sense for Microsoft to let Rare develop for other platforms, since it would increase their profits and the Rare name isn't as essential to Microsoft brand identity as it was to Nintendo during the N64 days.

TheColbertinator3677d ago

Your right.Personally I would prefer Rare to go back to Nintendo.The Wii needs hardcore quality titles and Rare could deliver.But that time is over so its best to move on.

Sitdown3677d ago

have to be that Microsoft is throwing money at somebody? Just by reading your post..I could come up with another conclusion.....for instance, what if the agreement was Banjo 64 to xbla in return for rare to produce a ds game? Just because Microsoft the company has tons of money..does not mean that they will just continue to throw it into the game division for deals.

pwnamon3676d ago

I think it makes sense Microsoft whore Rare out to Nintendo just until they make back their $370million investment.

3677d ago
Halochampian3677d ago

Im sure its not that big of a deal considering all MS had to do was was take the Nintendo logo off of it. It's not that huge that they would have to make a deal to allow it to be on VC.

gumgum993677d ago

its sad, but it seems as of lately, Rare's name is almost synonymous in how "rare" it is for them to come out with a solid hit these days.

oh how we miss the good ol' days

Sitdown3677d ago

Kameo was not bad either..

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The story is too old to be commented.