X-Play Champions Online: All Access

Adam gets an early look at 2K's Champions Online from designer Aaron Safronoff.

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Raoh3729d ago

i actually think it looks good.

the obvious difference i see from dc universe, aside from the license itself..

is that dc universe seems more open world style like inFamous/grand theft auto/spiderman 3. so far all of what i've seen in dc universe is outdoor except for a batcave cut scene

while Champions online from what i've seen is more like marvel ultimate alliance and ninja gaiden in the sense that its go in this room, go in that room. so far all of what i've seen in champions online is indoors.

all in all though champions is looking good and its being developed by a good team...

as a ps3 owner i'm going to say that i hope this works on the 360... having champions, dc universe, hopefully eqII and blade & soul come to the consoles successfully can only mean good things to come for mmmorgs in the future....

i really hope both are taking keyboard and mouse support as option for the consoles seriously