Hook it to my Veins: Can Videogaming be an Addiction?

In 2005, Lee Seung Seop of South Korea died after playing StarCraft for 50 hours. In 2007, Xu Yan of northeastern China died after playing various online games for 7 days. Just six months later, an unidentified 30-year-old in Guangzhou province died after playing in an Internet café for three straight days. Addiction to videogames: It's happening to them, and it could be happening to you, too!

Well, OK, not really. Game addiction is a term that's thrown around pretty liberally these days. Horror stories of people spending their entire lives in front of World of WarCraft are even making it to the TV news. But for most of us, gaming's just a hobby -- even if it's a hobby that we tend to take rather seriously. The line between hobby and habit is a blurry one, though, and it's not easily understood. When it comes to doing something you enjoy, how much is too much?

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D3stroy3R3759d ago

First, I was planning to post this but was to late, but to add this article is a great read and good debate on whether or not gamming is a true addiction for players. Thanks for the posting.

Tacki3759d ago

*Cowboy hat sits atop PS3*

"I wish I could quit you."

----------------------------- --

*Cowboy hat sits atop Xbox 360*

"I wish I could..."

*hat bursts into flames*

"Aw, ****"

----------------------------- --

*Cowboy hat sits atop Wii*

"I wish I could like you."

----------------------------- --

Don't take that all too seriously guys. I'm just having a bit of fun and my mind occasionally produces weird sh!t.