Disney Infinity, A Post-Mortem

Few games come along and capture the imagination of kids and adults alike. Taking experiences that you have dreamed about and making them a reality. Honoring properties and characters that have been cherished for 80 years. Disney Infinity started with one goal in mind, one vision that became their mission, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

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MilkMan558d ago

Let me just say this is a damn tragedy. Buck for buck, value for dollar Infinity had the goods. But instead of Disney further enhancing the tools and making a good platform (cause that's what it was), great. Why not keep improving and making better?
Nope they just cut it lose cause they made 1.2 billion instead of 1.3
This is just Split Second all over again.

ruegeaL558d ago

whoever helmed the direction for the multiplayer aspect of this game should be kicked in the balls...after taking a punch in the face. and that decision to isolate characters not belonging to the same world is such an idiotic old school thinking. and no, sandbox creations can only go too far. all it does is create "worlds" that are barren and void of life..

neolego558d ago

I don't know that I would go that far, but I do agree that the "closed" aspect of the worlds hurt the game for sure. We saw them acknowledge this by adding a few cross over characters to 2.0 and full cross over in 3.0 with the Star Wars stuff. At that point though, it's too little too late. An approach where everyone played together, similar more to Skylanders, would have been preferred.