8 Worst PS4 Games So Far

GuidesCloud: Below is given the list of 8 worst PlayStation 4 games so far. We don’t want more games in this list because the technical team must now focus more on resolving all the issues before a game is marketed because that leaves the negative impression on the minds of PS4 fans.

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Stupid811d ago

Knack and The Order 1886, right ones

Alexander1Nevermind811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

Never played the Order but Knack was a good game imo. I enjoyed it more than Killzone Shadow Fall. I really don't understand all the hate it gets. It makes me wonder how many of you all actually played the game?

Slight edit: Not directed at the op just wondering if folks just jump on the hate bandwagon. I don't Judge Ryse or the Order because I haven't played them. I do agree SW Battefront was very disappointing indeed.

Aloy-Boyfriend811d ago

I dunno what people expected from Knack to have become the punching bag of the PS haters and even fans. I thought it wqs a good couch co op launch game. It had flaws, but I had fun with it with my brother. It was a good throwback to the old days...

I could see whst Cerny and the team wanted to achieve with Knack. I think a sequel can be better

nX811d ago

Clearly fanboy flamebait, there are much worse PS4 games than Driveclub, The Order 1886 and Knack.

jeenyus811d ago

Not sure if there are many games on any PlayStation that are worse than Knack.
After all the hype it got, we got served some subpar PS1-like gameplay with gfx that were below PS3 day 1 releases.

You might have enjoyed it, it doesn't make it good. At all.

guitarded77811d ago

When Knack, Driveclub and The Order are considered your "worst games", I'd say you're doing pretty damn good. Not gonna say any of them were game of the year material, but I played all 3 and didn't think they were horrible.

uth11811d ago

Agreed. I enjoyed and finished knack, I had no idea it was a bad game until I later read it on the internet :p

bouzebbal810d ago

omg the writer is such a moron..
DriveClub is the best racer i played since MK8.
Knack is an old school action platformer. if it's hard for him the i can understand it's one of the worst games.
And then he adds some games to the list that no one ever heard of, just to make it sound like he knows his shit. You fail you imbecile.

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Ashlen811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

The Order is not bad.

I assume most people who would say it's one of the worst games haven't actually played it. The only thing really wrong with it is how short it is. The gameplay is good, the graphics and detail are off the charts and the story while lacking due to game length was interesting and could have really gone somewhere.

Knack, well, it was a rushed launch title so they could offer at least one family friendly game. It's not great but it is what it is.

Next_gen_2015811d ago

I dont think any Ps4 exclusive has been terrible. The low rated ones are just generic or too short

Ashlen811d ago

Well... The Order was far from generic as far as the story went... I can't think of any other game set in an alternate 1800's Britain. And it's pretty much the same length and Ryse and the gameplay part of Quantum Break.

And Knack, again it was just a game for people to buy so the kids could have a game to play with the families new PS4.

But w/e everyone has their opinions.

Devilsknight811d ago

Like in Chapter 7 where you pressed 🔺 once and walked forward for 2 min? Or the Chapter where you rotate a clock and watch a cutscene? Indeed, real great gameplay right there.
The Order was good looking and nothing else. The story was filled with holes and rather poorly written. "I have to show u something, follow me for 10 min to find it what it is. No, I cant say what it is, no time, lets talk about something else" Zzzzzzzz. Or the linear map design...

Nah. The Order was crap, this coming from a PS4 only owner. A polished turd is still a turd.

Orionsangel811d ago

I still say The Order is a good game. It was just never finished. It ends abruptly. It's as if the developers ran out of money. It's a shame, I was getting into the characters and story. It needed at least 5 more hours, but it just ends all of sudden leaving so many plot holes in the story.

MollieRose810d ago

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DarXyde811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

The Order wasn't perfect and it left a lot to be desired, but I surmise the bulk of the disappointment comes from it being released as it was well beyond the launch window. It's incredibly beautiful, but short and shallow.

Be that as it may, I'd be hard pressed to call it one of the worst titles on the console. It has redeeming qualities and was made by a very capable studio. I think "disappointing" better describes what it was.

S2Killinit810d ago

I couldnt even call it dissapointing as it has been one of my favorite games this generation. The smear campaign was dissapointing. The game is beautiful with some of the most fun gun battles i've experienced. I loved the story, it was unique and i hope there are sequels. The graphics are probably second only to Uncharted, and it had an original orchestral score which was awesome. All the bitching was instigated by the early smear campaign. "Its too short" even though its the same lenght as gears of war, quantum break etc. "it doesnt innovate" even thiugh it actually DOES. (Well more than some other games), "it doesnt have gameplay" well thats just wrong because at no point did i feel like i was playing a movie even though i was waiting for it since i had heard the rumours. Basically people like Stupid above are lying through their teeth.

S2Killinit810d ago

You are a lier. There is no way in hell the order should be concidered a bad game. People like you are are blatantly lying to peoppe, shame on you.

blackblades810d ago

This article is stupid opinions, I like driveclub and I like onechanbara.

BlackTar187810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

Knack was Okay but Driveclub was a great game. The rest of the list i agree with

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dholakia811d ago

The Order 1886 should be on number one

magiciandude811d ago

The Order 1886 deserves #1 spot for being the worst AAA game this generation.

nX811d ago

^Watch Dogs was way worse. I prefer a short game to one I can't even force myself to finish. I'm pretty sure The Order1886 wouldn't get so much hate if it was 5-10 hours longer.

CernaML810d ago


I guess that makes Ryse the worst AAAA game of this generation then, eh? :^)

Pancit_Canton811d ago (Edited 811d ago )


Quantum Break deserves that title, followed by Ryse.

killer_goat811d ago

That and Ryse. Both terrible games

Next_gen_2015811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

How can quantum break be a terrible game if it has a higher meta score than The order and knack?

Ponies going crazy

ChrisW811d ago

Not too certain if you noticed, but the title says PS4... Or you did notice and simply don't care...

Waterfall101810d ago

they both destroy the order i mean come on lol

gangsta_red809d ago

Rule #45 - Someone says a Sony game is bad, quickly respond with an Xbox title, then smile sit back and know justice has been served.

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PrinterMan811d ago

To each their own but I've played through the order twice and started a third. Story is good, characters are good, game is visually great. A little on rails but it's a story driven game and I knew that going in so I take no issue with it.

SolidGear3810d ago

Maybe number 1 on a best list. Your comment definitely smells of number 2 xD

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Deadpooled811d ago

This. So disappointed with how that turned out, so much potential. Even if DICE literally gave a graphical boost to Battlefront 2 it would have been a much better game, but now with this impostor of a Battlefront game the player count has dropped significantly (now lower than Battlefield 4).

Bahamut811d ago

Not a "ps4 game" though. Multiplat. But yeah, disappointing game.

PressPlayBro810d ago

Title didn't say "Worst PS4 Exclusives So Far".

Bahamut810d ago


That's what was implied, obviously. Look at the list, see any that aren't exclusive?

CrimsonWing69811d ago

Man, I'm so sorry but this site is a mess with advertisements. Count me out.

travestyj811d ago

Don't worry you didn't miss much. List isn't even accurate.

Lighter9811d ago

I just looked at the games that were tagged at the top of the page. ;)

modelgod810d ago

@crimsonWing69 lol!! You know what it is? We're smarter than these ppl!!! It's frustrating because their the ones whose opinions have far more reach than ours and it sucks. Everyone who frequented N4G are pretty intelligent ppl; rather if the comments are consistent with YOUR console of choice or not. Why can't one, or a few of you highly intellectual, beautiful human beings design a site where REAL video game enthusiasts such as myself can thrive in the forms of reviews or other video game related issues?

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Frinker811d ago

Knack still makes me cringe to this day.

Phar0ahad3810d ago

What does that even mean ? what kind of hatred have you developed for this game have you even played it ?

Frinker810d ago

I bought it day 2 with my Ps4. Check my trophies (Frinker)

jznrpg810d ago

Take it out of your *** . It wasnt bad-

Orionsangel810d ago

I called Knack being crap when they announced. It was a throw away launch title much like 360's forgetable launch title, Kameo: Elements of Power. It's generic fluff that supposed to show you what the console can do, but both these titles left us yawning.

Frinker810d ago

Kameo has a lot more depth, variety and better gameplay, story and characters. Knack isn't awful, but it's insanely mediocre.