Gamecyte First Look Preview: Need For Speed Undercover

Gamecyte reports:

''In June of this year, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello told investors and media, in no uncertain terms, that he was disappointed with last year's Need for Speed: ProStreet - and blamed EA's own rushed, 12-month production cycle for the title he considered a misstep. "We were torturing a very talented group of people up in Vancouver, which makes it harder to be as innovative every year." But Riccitiello revealed that things were changing. For the next Need for Speed, EA Black Box would have over sixteen months to produce a story-driven title the EA chief likened to The Transporter.

On Thursday, in a dark, crowded lounge filled with free alcohol, we listened to producer Scott Nielsen explain what the Canadian studio had done with that extra time.

"You've probably been wondering, 'where has Need for Speed been?' We've been pretty quiet," Nielsen admitted. "We've been kind of taking stock of things, sitting back, and really trying to figure out, 'How do we tell stories within our games?' 'How can we go back and do a better job of telling stories?'" His answer, of course, was the plot of the newest entry in the series, Need for Speed: Undercover.''

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