Gamecyte Hands-On Preview: Burnout Paradise Motorcycles

Gamecyte reports:

''If you're not quite up to speed, Burnout Paradise was released back in January to broad critical acclaim, bringing quite a lot of change to the long-running Burnout franchise. The game stepped away from fixed tracks and pre-defined event progression, instead dropping players into the open world of Paradise City, adding just a touch of sandbox to the blindingly fast, spectacularly destructive, reckless driving formula we had come to love. Paradise also placed a much greater emphasis on online multiplayer, including an extremely thorough drop-in/drop-out system for full race events and impromptu "Freeburn" challenges.

With a solid game on their hands, EA and Criterion could have called it a day, but it seems the developers were not content to cash out, as the saying goes. Criterion outlined the "Year of Paradise:" Plans to add a wealth of new vehicles, gameplay options, and even locations to the game through a series of patches. The Cagney update went live in July and August for the PS3 and 360, respectively, adding several new challenges and modes to Paradise, primarily aimed at online play. The next update, formerly known as Davis, is set to arrive in early September, and will bring a brand-new addition to the Burnout series: Motorcycles. As such, Criterion has simply dubbed it "Burnout Bikes."

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