Game Vortex Review: New International Track and Field

GV reports:

''While it may be that Konami's New International Track and Field is a bit cartoony in both graphics and animations, there is still a great quality and polish that retains the old-school look and feel of the original arcade (and NES) hit. There are a handful of player models to choose from (with more unlockable as you progress); an equal amount of men and women, each with their own attributes, including speed, power, concentration, and all-arounders. All characters look great and have unique animations for each event, as well as general animation for excitement, disappointment and everything in between.

In addition to great looking athletes on-screen, the environments look outstanding, and are very reminiscent of the original. The 2D style of layered environments shines, and the sprite look brings back memories. When you also combine these visuals with the 8-bit style audio, New International Track and Field is a winner. All of the original sounds are present and have never sounded better. Whether it be the chime of the events' starts or the presence of Chariots of Fire playing during the Menus, the old nature of Konami's smash hit has been brought to the DS (and the 21st century) in true fashion.''

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