AFRIKA: Sony to Debut Photo-Realistic Game

"Sony is hoping that the game, called Afrika, will impress players with its advanced graphics. The developers, who spent nearly four years creating the game -- including two visits to Africa -- packed a fictitious national park with photo-realistic zebras, elephants, lions and dozens of other exotic animals."

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NO_PUDding3706d ago

Well it failed.

Photrealism belongs to MGS4 and Killzone 2 more than this.

Daz3706d ago

none of these games are photo real.

gt5 is the only game thats near enought is.

theKiller3706d ago

sony should advertise it at least a little bit, people need to know this game was actually made, a lot of animal lovers would love to have it i think!!

Julie3706d ago

Me, i am an animal lover!! :3
But this game won't come outside Japan :(

Jamegohanssj53706d ago

Well you see HERE'S the problem; the game isn't coming out in the US or UK, so that's the reason why there isn't much hype. Sony should release the game in both of those areas, then you will see some hype. The game looks good though.


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solidsnakus3706d ago

LOL. this is seriously a huge letdown , has anyone seen the gameplay videos? horrible, horrible graphics. farcry 2 looks way better, is in africa, AND has animals which you can then run over or shoot :D

nos4speed3706d ago

You cant call the gameplay horrible, just because you want to run over and shoot animals instead of take photos doesnt give you the right to call it horrible.

P.S farcry 2 looks awful compared to this.

MaximusPrime3706d ago

Afrika is Family Friendly. In another word, this is not a hunting game. it is a relaxing games.

if you want violent games, move to xbox 360.

3706d ago
nos4speed3706d ago

No my vision is fine, ive seen the HD trailers of far cry and the jaggies, and Ive seen the HD trailers of Afrika and the brilliant landscape. Compare them and you can see afrika is better.

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MaximusPrime3706d ago

i say AFRIKA and GT5:P are the only two games that are "photo-realistic". MGS4 follows.

I'm interested in Afrika

solidsnakus3706d ago

hahaha, you actually think africa is photo realistic? i guess you havent seen the gameplay videos that were just released, cause africa is nowhere near uncharted, mgs4 graphics.

MaximusPrime3706d ago

urm actually i have 2 trailers of AFRIKA on my 320g PS3. thank you.

solidsnakus3706d ago

well the actualy game looks like crap, go figure.

nos4speed3706d ago

you should see the doctor about that, you wont be pleasing any women like that :P

juuken3706d ago


snoopgg3706d ago

Don't you wish Gears of blow could look this good. Yeah everybody with a 360 wishes>>>>>> hahahahahahahahahaha

Pain3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

just ask Momy for more Allowance money already and stop being 14.

Some people and i mean Not Americans like Games that dont involve Killing everything in sight.

Afrika is a Win in my books and worth the buy...when i have money that is.....

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Wozzer3706d ago

This 'game' looks [email protected] - Sony fail again

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