America getting Chrono Trigger DS before Japan

It is time to revel in a most minuscule victory for American Chrono Trigger fans, as news arrives that The States will be getting Chrono Trigger DS a whole TWO DAYS before Japan! Never mind the fact that Japanese pre-orders also come with a two-track orchestral theme music disc ... TWO DAYS! America's release date is October 25 while Japan has to wait until October 27.
In other news, the European release date for Chrono Trigger DS is still some time in 2009.

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BabyStomper50003756d ago

Didn't see that one coming!

Filet of Children3755d ago

I missed this game first time 'round (being one of those insufferable Genesis owners...), I'm looking forward to finally playing thru it.

Baka-akaB3755d ago

Well i see your point , but there were still the psx version (reprinted at least twice) , snes and psx emu on pc , same emu on a few home consoles , and even later psx and snes emu on PSP .

Filet of Children3755d ago

Um... fine, so I missed it the first 800 times around, point is I'm looking forward to finally playing it, hahaha :)

TheColbertinator3755d ago

@Files of Children

I did miss out on Chrono Trigger as well for being a Sega fan during the golden age(early 90s).But I did play it later on the PSP emulator though

Millah3755d ago

Well I've played this game countless times (still got my original snes copy), but I'm still looking forward to play this as well. Man but I really wish we would have gotten the soundtrack as well, that blows...

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Baka-akaB3755d ago

cool the america get to be ripped off first ... how envious .

EvilCackle3755d ago

Oh man, I'm totally gonna troll Japanese gaming forums with spoilers!

(yes, that was sarcasm)

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