Worthplaying Preview: Samba De Amigo

WP reports:

''If you haven't invested in a charge station for your Wiimotes yet, you may as well now. One of the things we learned at E3 is that low-battery-power Wiimotes throw off Samba de Amigo's position recognition big time. We almost thought it was faulty coding. Fortunately, that's not the case, and I'm pleased to report that whatever setup you use, this game works as advertised, so feel free to have a ball once it hits. Accolades to Gearbox, then, for making it so.

I get ahead of myself, however! For those of you who still don't know, Samba de Amigo is a maraca-shaking rhythm arcade game that eventually landed its way onto the Sega Dreamcast. The object is to take two giant maraca controllers and shake, pose and dance to the beat of several Latin-themed songs (amongst others) for a high rank and score. In Samba de Amigo, looking like a huge idiot is half the fun; the other half is not caring how you look because you're having too much fun.

The Dreamcast version required specialized controllers that are now somewhat rare; the Wii, however, allows people to handily use the controls that came with the system. You can play with the Wiimote and Nunchuk, or two Wiimotes (maraca shells have already been announced for this setup). The fact that the Wii controls are wireless means the system's a perfect fit for the game due to ease of setup and use. Not only that, but after much testing on the show floor, I'm able to conclude that they're actually more accurate than the original Dreamcast maraca controllers in terms of position recognition.''

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