Left 4 Dead 360 'Farm Fight' gameplay

Squad seeks refuge in isolation farm house while waiting for rescue.

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spoon3677d ago

Dont buy left 4 dead 360. plz boycoot

GameOn3677d ago

you gonna give a reason for that?

Fishy Fingers3677d ago

Because he probably only has a playstation.

silverchode3677d ago

or the pc version is better.

doshey3677d ago

and yet why would u want to play a valve game on a videogame system

KBDuB3676d ago

Lol. I'm buying it. Just buy a 360. =) And, why would you want to boycott it? Are you willing to boycott EVERY game that is exclusive? You willing to boycott every PS3 exclusive game? Prolly not. So, hush!

@Game On- It's because he doesn't own a 360. =)

@Fishy Fingers - Agreed.

@silverchode - Nah. Not for me.

@doshey - Cause it's freakin awesome!

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GameOn3677d ago

if this is gonna have split screen?

NegativeCreepWA3677d ago

I think I read somewhere that it was.

GameOn3677d ago

Nice 1. Have a bubble.

Fishy Fingers3677d ago

I hope you can turn friendly fire on/off ;)

NegativeCreepWA3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

You can, Its going to be hectic with it on.

Boldy3677d ago

They've stated that friendly fire is always on but there is a boot feature if someone is being stupid and on purpose, killing all his teammates.

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The story is too old to be commented.