GameSpy: The Conduit Preview

Although first-person shooters seemed a perfect fit for the Wii's unique point-and-fire input, the majority of FPS titles on the system have been disappointing. Ubisoft's Red Steel was one of the most-anticipated launch titles, and while it sold well, it was savaged by critics. Things have been getting better, however, as Call of Duty 3 received higher scores and Metroid Prime: Corruption was considered by many to be one of 2007's best Wii games. This holiday, gamers might be seeing the FPS genre hitting its stride with the release of the new, more precise Wiimote technology and The Conduit, the latest title from developer High Voltage.

Impressive visuals; responsive controls; wide range of weapons; intriguing storyline.

Controls still need to be fine-tuned a bit; how will the online multiplayer work?

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kittoo3729d ago

That they are using all the latest technologies and all.....
graphics still suck......they might be good for Wii, but they arent that good.
The game also looks like just another FPS. But we would have to wait for the reviews.

ChickeyCantor3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Like if most buyers are doing it for the Visuals.
Wii just screams FPS because it lacks so many.
And visually it looks more than decent so i really don't see the problem of that.
As long the controlls work out in the end screw the gfx, i need to get my FPS groove back.

TruthbeTold3729d ago

I own Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. It's fun, but they went so cheap on the graphics it actually bugs me when I play. Graphics sure aren't everything, but I'm extremely glad that HVS is doing the best they can in that dept.

vashivihang3729d ago

yeah yeah whine whine whine.

what , you were expecting killzone 2 level graphics?

ill show you an image. tell me if the texture on the hand and ASE arent 360 quality

asyouburn3729d ago

the graphics are awesome, definately above and beyond anything thats been done on wii yet, but you really can't compare to 360/ps3 cuz even the lowliest, ugliest 360 game runs at almost twice the resolution.

vashivihang3729d ago

perhaps i forgot to mention that if 360 was running on sdtv.

still i love that crazy detail thats put into that image. awesome

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blockhead17003729d ago

I hate it when Microsoft and Sony fanboys get mad when the wii gets a good game that they wont get and start calling it crap and saying stuff like it wont amount to anything.