New Gears Of War 2 Action Figures

Today, we bring you pictures of the complete Series 2 of NECA's hit Gears of War action figures. The men of Delta Squad and more adversaries from the Locust Horde return this fall with the Series 2, which includes Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, the new Marcus Fenix action figure plus the Theron Guard and the Theron Sentinel.

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darkmurder3677d ago

Cool looking figurines, but nothing will top the Locust getting his head popped off from the original.

Acj23233677d ago

Lol yeah, it would be good to see some with some emotion on there faces or show in there stance, be good so see a figure of Marcus Fenix in a running stances Rambo style with the lancer out and his teeth bearing.

XboxOZ3603677d ago

Well it had to happen, didn't it, Gears replaces Halo . . and MC . .

spoon3677d ago

Wow this game is geting hyped and hyped and hyped. if this game is short lyk the other 1

then it gonna get low reviews. this happend with FF u cant make a sequal similiar

Dmack793677d ago

Now us xbots can get gay pleasure with these gearsofwar toys by shovin them up our arses! Just like halo3 toys! YAY!


Dzpool3677d ago

Metal Gear figures that Mcfarlane toys have been doing since 1999

Acj23233677d ago

Yeah the game is getting hyped up a lot but i don't think the users will be disappointed with this game when it comes out, not like halo 3

SpecialSauce3677d ago

will be all over these toys lol

doshey3677d ago

thats cool i wish they would make resistance figures that would be cool too

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