Big Download Review: American McGee's Grimm: The Girl Without Hands

Big Download: "Suffice it to say, it took society a lot more creativity and effort to turn this disjointed and nonsensical story into something bright and cheery than American McGee needed to paint it black. Grimm, in the usual way, transforms the bright puppet theater into a darkened one. Similar to the gameplay improvements found with Puss in Boots, the levels are more complex and wide in comparison to previous episodes. Stages are covered with more NPC's than ever before, making the game more challenging than in previous episodes. In an unexpected twist, there are also bigger results from changing the environment over. Windmills take on sharpened blades and destroy some of the smaller NPC's. Some of the fountains will change into turrets, zapping nearby NPC's with lightening and slowing them down. On different occasions, transformed characters and animals will attack each other. Although the gameplay is exactly the same as it was in episode one, these extra additions go a long way toward making Grimm seem newer, and less like rehashing the same gimmick over and over again. Although the loading screens suggested differently, we didn't spot any power-ups this time around, but we were never huge fans of how the worked begin with."

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