CONFIRMED: White Knight Chronicles to be at TGS

Sony Japan has confirmed that White Knight Chronicles will be present at the Tokyo Game Show, to be held between September 10-12.

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Hentai3677d ago

Most people already knew it was going to appear at TGS.

B-Rein3677d ago

tru, i was expecting it'll be in tgs since e308 began.

Rick Astley3677d ago

Um I thought TGS was in October?

kazuma3677d ago

yes, it is in october.

Business days
9,10 october

open to the public
11,12 october

Rock Bottom3677d ago

Well, it was on last year's TGS, would be stupid not to be there this year.

sonarus3677d ago

Uh-oh the greatest JRPG of the yr is coming (Assuming it comes this yr:(

B-Rein3677d ago

look at the graphics of this game 0.0, this is a 2007 video. I wonder how it looks now as level 5 said that they are constantly improving the graphics and gamplay

gaffyh3677d ago

Sweet. But ot's in October not Sept

Homicide3677d ago

Hentai, I love you. I thought TGS was in October. With this and FFXIII having a playable demo, this is the best TGS yet.

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B-Rein3677d ago

I cant wait for this game, Rogue Galaxy was awesome, also dark cloud 1 and 2 were brilliant, Level 5 are awesome, this games gonna be good for sure

Lucreto3677d ago

Lets hope it will be a simultaneous release world wide release.

Unlike most JRPGs the voice acting can be teribble but Level 5 knows how to do it right.

Nuvian3677d ago

this story says the same as this one:

this translated source is not a confirmation in anyway.

Rick Astley3677d ago

We all know WKC will be at TGS this year but TGS is in October, not September.

tangerine3677d ago

Did I miss something here? Team ICO are definitely doing a presentation? Sweeeeeeeeeet!!

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The story is too old to be commented.