Awesome Fallout 3 Propaganda: Vault Dweller's Survival Guide

Shacknews writes: "Remember those old Fallout manuals? The ones with the taped-over hints and 50s-style dark humor? The original Vault Dweller's Survival Guide?

Bethesda has channeled all of that in their PAX 08 swag hand-out for Fallout 3: a thick, pulpy booklet full of illustrations and informative blurbs. It's basically Bethesda's take on Black Isle's original concept, and boy, is it awesome.

This thing even has an old school map that you can fill in as you explore the world, as well as a few pages of blank note space. It's very cool - and you can check out the whole shebang below."

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Captain Tuttle3551d ago

I've got both of the original manuals in pristine condition. If Bethesda would ship these with the game I'd be eternally grateful.

MK_Red3551d ago

I only have Fallout 2's :(
Hopefully Beth indeed ships these with the game or at least the survivor's / secial edition.

BabyStomper50003551d ago

Fallout 2's manual was a friggin spiral notebook. I wish I still had mine. All I have is the original humongous box.

micro_invader3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Edit: Never mind, I got it.

These are great btw :)

urban bohemian3551d ago

.......but the walkthrough guides which were written by one the staff working on the game are virtually extinct a mint of the original is worth about £100. Fallout 2's about £60. Because they contain extra info and commentary aswell as the tips etc. I havent seen one on ebay in years.


BabyStomper50003551d ago

I had both. I lost both at school :*( I read them every day for like 3 years.

Gazman3551d ago

The fallout manuals would have to be the best around, I still muck around with both games every now

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