Paul Oakenfold to play for Interzone's Futebol

In news sure to pique the interest of lovers of electronica and trance, Paul Oakenfold, UK DJ extraordinaire, is set to lend his considerable talents to Interzone's Futebol...

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darkmurder3759d ago

Love this guys music should be awesome!

Acj23233759d ago

Yeah hes done some really good music for matrix reloaded, die another day and even skrek 2, would love to hear what hes going to produce this time round

PopEmUp3759d ago

he is alright, but to me and all trance lover they're much more considered Armin, Tiesto, above and beyond, PVD if not at lease ferry Corsten, but as a Uk Trance DJ I rather take above and beyond any day but Paul Oakenfold is a decent DJ so I just let this one slipped

gaminoz3758d ago

Wasn't he also involved in that 'Falling' song for the Bourne Conspiracy game? I seem to remember seeing him in the 'music video' of the game.

Hunter863759d ago

For sure. This guy does incredible stuff.

Immortal Kaim3759d ago

Its good to see Australians developers picking up that sort of talent

Acj23233759d ago

Yeah it is, we should start to see a lot more of it i think. Futebol also has a nice concept to it, the way its built up upon will bring a nice game.

Acj23233758d ago

I wasn't sure if he did the Falling' song for the Borne Conspiracy Game, so i had a quick look at what he has done, i was drawn back at the stuff i found. hes done a lot more then i thought, including big brother sound tracts for multiple series.

He did some work for the borne identity and some other big names

Take a look at them all there.

He has also received a bunch of awards for DJ-ing

Immortal Kaim3758d ago

Do you think, that Games will start trying to incorporate more mainstream artists to do the titles music ect?