Resistance 2 DIRECT FEED Opening Cinematic

Hey All,

For those of you who never caught it, has four direct-feed videos of Resistance 2 gameplay and features. The provided link is to a video with Ted Price containing the opening cinematic and his commentary on new technology implemented in the game. Enjoy!

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Figboy3733d ago

but it's great for those that didn't get to see that opening sequence in HD quality before.

the visuals are amazing, and it must be noted that the cinemas in the game are using the in game engine, not CG rendering.

amazing graphics or no, Resistance 2 really seems to be putting a lot into the gameplay, both single player and multi-player.

i think i can safely say that no other FPS coming out this year has such a broad single and multi-player campaign (and Fallout is more of an RPG, than an FPS, so i don't count that one).

shazam3733d ago

people get away with duplicate stories like this because they create 10 accounts so that they can approve their own stories.

Droid3733d ago

nah. still looks crap.

Shane Kim3733d ago

aaaaaaw don't be sad/'ll buy a PS3 some day along with your xbotic herd.

Dyingduck3733d ago

But holy sh*t, the innovation and all the revamps look exceptional!!!

This is great improvement unlike LMAO Gears of War 1.5 using the same old engine on the same old flop innovation LOL besides CHAINSAW GOING FROM 4vs4 to 5vs5 OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! /sarcasm

Go here:

Try 30vs30 on for scale?

juuken3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Just like Flop Human, Grays of Bore, and Flop for Dead?

"The 360 is the now, the PS3 is the future. Cry some more bots."

equax3733d ago

Should Resistance 2 be on my buy list this year? Since I did not play part 1.

Figboy3733d ago

i'd recommend playing the first.

the story is really good.

the weapon selection is unique and fun.

the battles are chaotic.

and even though the game is old, the visuals are still quite nice (especially on an HDTV; i'm playing on a 40" Samsung).

and the multi-player is some of the best in the industry.

Resistance 2 is adding to that with more of everything:

better, more fleshed out story.
better weapon selection (with some old favorites returning, naturally).
even more intense firefights, some with gigantic, 300 foot high bosses.
building upon the excellent online of the first, but adding some of the latest FPS standards like gaining XP and character classes. not to mention adding an additional 20 players to the 40 player matches of the original. 60 players. no console game that i know of has done this.
then there's the 8 player co-op mode.

it's definitely on my list for this holiday season.

but it's ultimately up to you on whether the game appeals to you.