2 free to play mmo's you probably haven't heard of…

J-Quest writes:
What I like about Rakion is that no matter what level one is, you will be able to compete with other player who may be a higher level that you are. One of the striking features of this game is that as you can summon your inner creature as your rage...

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Darkiewonder3489d ago

Oh i heard about it. played it and just left after first day. nothing really special or fun about it.

TheIneffableBob3489d ago

I'm pretty sure everybody has heard of Rakion, and it's not an MMO.

I've heard of Shaiya before, but I've never tried it.

Sangria3489d ago

Rakion is quite fun, but a bit limited and broken by the lags.

equax3489d ago

I remember playing gunbound back in my elementary years when softnyx and ijji was not in business. Rakion was fun for a week until it got repetitive to my friends and I.

Black Maverick3489d ago

Yeah, I played in the Rakion beta back when I played Gunbound.

Lost interest quickly.

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