340° Gears of War 2 Hands-On Impressions (PAX) writes: "One of the biggest reasons to come to PAX 2008 is the first public hands-on showing of the highly-anticipated Gears of War 2 multiplayer modes. We put some time in with the game and are ready to give you our hands-on impressions of Epic's great follow-up to the highly addiction multiplayer of the original Gears of War.

So is the game 'bigger, better, and more badass?'

Yes. Yes it is. If you were a fan of the original Gears, we're pretty sure you're also going to love Gears of War 2. It takes everything that was great about the first game, amps it up, and adds a lot of new things to freshen up the gameplay."

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Filet of Children3678d ago

Aaaaand my excitement for this game jumps another notch :)

Gam713677d ago

2 people think this hasn't made your excitement jump a notch.

So are you lying? and do those strangers who know nothing about you actually know something that you don't about what you like and don't like?

Filet of Children3677d ago

Yeah, but 5 people so far seem to agree with me. I figure that two of the agrees cancel out the two disagrees, so in reality 3 people agree that I'm excited about the game.

And really, thank heavens. I genuinely thought I was excited, I'd hate to find out that I was mistaken.

Gam713677d ago

Whoa, Ok read the sarcasm in my post.

i was on your side. Clearly over your head.

I was having ago at the people for disagreeing with you that your excited about a game.

How would they know as you're talking about yourself so they have no right to disagree.

In future i'll leave you to it as it'll obviously cause trouble with you.

Filet of Children3677d ago

I think maybe *my* head isn't what anything went over, friend ;) Recalibrate your sarcasm detector and get back to me, haha.

Gam713677d ago

reality is 5 people agree (including me) agree that your excited not 3. The two don't cancel anything out.

The two are from trolls who disagree because you said you wanted a game thats on the 360 and not their console.

2 people that shouldn't be here.

I'm excited about this game and don't want people telling me i'm not.

mfwahwah3677d ago

In reality, 3 peopled didn't get excited. 5 did. Not including post 1. Agree / Disagree saves bubbles by allowing us to comment with it in situations like that. Don't like it? Then don't pay attention to it.

JOLLY13677d ago

It is an absolute blast!!!! I also played another shooter that is coming out around the same time. It was a total let-down graphics weren't up to Gears and the controls just don't feel right. Oh well, glad I got Gears coming!

etownone3677d ago

Gears is one of my favorits games of all time, and the multi-player is the most additive fun i've had in years... so i'm totally jealous...

BUT.. you gotta let it out.. what was that other game you played that let you down? c'mon, you can tell, nobody's listening :)

JOLLY13677d ago

It was resistance 2. I am not trying to start a flame war or anything. Everything just didn't look good. I only played the multiplayer maps. That might be the reason they didn't look too good, but still. The multiplayer Gears maps looked awesome! Yes, I know there are less people playing in the map, but the eye candy was so good!

etownone3677d ago

thanks bro...I kinda had the feeling you were talking about ReFOM2..

game still looks good IMO.

JOLLY13677d ago

It just doesn't look great. It just looks typical.

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Dyingduck3678d ago

Sounds like an over-hyped flop - the author tries so hard to make it sound "interesting" and "refreshing" but overall, nothing seems to be "innovating" comparing to the superior version of Gears1 on my PC atm...

Nice try.

Now, going from R1 to R2 => definitely noticing a big change/improvement

Gears2 seems a bit dull, boring and linear like the first

AngryXbot3678d ago

More of the same.

This is the same game as GeOW1 except with some minor additions. Lmao its true what they say: GeOW 1.5

Yes, one point fking five.

Gam713677d ago

both killzone and resistance needed BIG improvements whereas GoW1 didn't.

But if trolling here makes you feel better.

Heres a tissue for you.

Hope you enjoyed r0.5 and killzone ifonlyitwasthee32005trailor.
And hope you enjoy r"finally 1" and killzone maybee32006trailor?

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pp3678d ago

Nice try its hard to admit your jealous also good news gears of war 2 is xbox360 exclusive and will not be coming to pc ever so driods get a xbox360 and enjoy this monstrously graphical powerhouse of a game gears of war 2 only possible on xbox360

Filet of Children3678d ago

That's not entirely accurate though - word is that Epic won't be porting the game to PC, but that's not to say that they won't have someone else do it.

Gam713677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

wont happen.

if epic wont they wont hire out

cemelc3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Of course they would say "its not coming to the PC",anyone with half brain would wait for a pc version of anything, cos PC got more power than anything, thats a no brainer.

Why the hell will you buy a 360 version if you know its coming with improved graphics, and can add your own mods to it. Are you crazy?

They are going to wait till february and say "the PC version is on the way", thats just natural or else nobody would buy the 360 version, see in the video games world these things happens all the time bioshock(PS3), eternal sonata(PS3), gears 1(PC), fable(PC), dead rising(wii),Mass Effect(PC),the soon to be announced Tales of Vesperia(PS3),all of the square RPG, probably as soon as square buys Tecmo well see ninja gaiden 2(PS3) and dead or alive(PS3), the only difference is that in all this games developers have to get rid off the bugs and add content in order to appeal to the PS3,PC or Wii crowd to buy their games, so all things considered you will have to expend 10$ more on DCT on a game that already cost you 60$ in order to be on pair with the others versions that already bring all that to table, so you expend 70$ on a game and ill pay 60$ sounds fair to me, no wait in this case is even cheaper cos is a pc game so.... suck on that.

InMyOpinion3678d ago

Haters can try to downplay it all they want. Gears of war 2 won't disappoint.

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