New RvB Halo Anime Series Preview

RoosterTeeth gives PAX goers a preview of their upcoming Animated Series based off their Red vs Blue series set in the Halo Universe. It's set to begin after Episode 19 of "Red vs Blue: Reconstruction" concludes that series.

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The BS Police3679d ago

That was freaking hilarious, this series is gonna be awesome.

Fox013679d ago

indeed that was really funny, I'm already sold ;)

FantasyStar3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Animated? The animations definitely look clunky and the voice work need just a bit better voice work to convince me of the current atmosphere. Also some of the jokes in there are pretty played out. Grunts beating up Simmons and Grif? I SURE saw that coming while Church ditches them both.

Eamon3678d ago

Unimpressed by voice acting? That's how Red vs Blue conversations have always been!

Mr BlueScreen3678d ago

milky milk milk. Dang that cow must be hurting! Sorry but common. I am really getting sick of Halo this Halo that.

Next up...
Halo(the religion)

MasterChief28293678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

-_- This isn't from Microsoft or Bungie, this is from RoosterTeeth, a bunch of 'normal people' like you and me who just made a web series called Red vs Blue based in the Halo game engines. Now they are making it animated.

Mr BlueScreen3678d ago

Arn't you a little sick of Halo turning up in every thing?

Bnet3433678d ago

Misleading headline, I thought I would was going to be treated to actual Halo anime like this:

7h3ultim8p003678d ago

Fucck! I had that stupid anime big eyes sh1t. That would be terrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.