Devil May Cry Creator 'Not Interested' in Ninja Gaiden writes "The September issue of EGM brought our editors face-to-face with some of Japan's most celebrated game developers, including PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya. Previously responsible for Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and Okami, the former Capcom designer talked at length about his upcoming action game Bayonetta -- as well as his feelings about his competition. You can check out the full, extended interview in all its sexy glory right here."

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jkhan3730d ago

Hell yaa. GOW was one of the best games ever made. The chick has a stiff competition against Kratos:P

VampHuntD3730d ago

God of war was good stuff, but I think Devil May Cry still has it beat (1 and 3 at least). I like the difficulty of DMC more than GoW, but I love the GoW puzzle elements too. Guess it's a toos up and both are awesome.

Side Note, I'm really excited fro Bayonetta

TheColbertinator3730d ago

I am psyched for the gameplay of Bayonetta

nieto3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

every game has its good things and Ninja Gaiden has the best gameplay of all action games of this times.

seriously, try to play DMC, GoW and NG back to back and you're going to understand what I mean because most people that says that NG it's crap they haven't played it. when Sigma was announced for PS3 that was one of the best days in my life as a gamer.

i have beaten DMC4 the newest thing in action games and I still think NG kicks DMC4 ass and Sigma it is just a remake of an old xbox game. Itagaki really knows what he's doing.

BTW isn't this a little bit T00 F*****G old?

deeznuts3730d ago

I did play NG:S. And I just didn't like it. That's all. Different strokes. After a couple levels, I just felt bored. With no story I didn't get the feeling of "what's next" to keep going. For me, I want all 3. Graphics, story, gameplay, for these types of games. I am uncompromising on that.

Rock Bottom3730d ago

I'm pretty sure I've read this interview about one and half month ago(or even more).

Droid3730d ago

and I wish I felt the same way BEFORE I blew 60 bucks on the turd that is DMC4 (not to mention the 30 bucks for the DMC 1-3 turd collection).

what a sh1t game. I'll stick to god of war.

1stKnighT3730d ago

It's simple....Ninja Gaiden has the best gameplay no question about it....but GOW does have a cool but basic story. DMC is fun but to easy. I always said DMC was a kids Ninja Gaiden.

nieto3730d ago

exactly my point. GoW has a good story and very intense action thanks to the QTE and gore. DMC has a very stylistic gameplay with insane combos and demoniac powers. and NG has the less button mashing of all action games with a very in depth gameplay.

just choose whatever you prefer more. for me NG has the style and the gamplay so i prefer that, then comes DMC because of the art and the in your face combos and last GoW because it has something that i just don't like, the gameplay rely to much on button masshing... GoW3 it's going to need more than just great graphics QTE and gore/nudity to impress me. but i haven't play GoW2, how's that one?

Dark General3730d ago

Honestly. God of War 2 is better than God of War. The boss battles are better, the items you get are better. The story is much better but the combo system is the same as the first one pretty much (there is a few new ones). My suggestion is that if you want a real challenge out of God of War play it on God Mode, the fighting system gets deeper.

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The story is too old to be commented.