Videogaming enters the third dimension

Videogamers, your glasses to transport you into three dimensional space. Visual computing technology company Nvidia has unveiled the first mainstream 3D gaming technology at the inaugural NVISION 08 conference in San Jose, which focused on the convergence of technology with Hollywood, games and business.

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Bob Dole3756d ago

Bob Dole saw it (or something like this) at Quakecon. 3d-HD gaming FTMFWIN!

Kakkoii3755d ago

I already have a game that does this....

It's called Trackmania Forever...

All it takes is those movie theatre 3D glasses. And you can play the game in 3d at 1280x1024 resolution lol.

funkeystu3755d ago

I've got Trackmania: Forever too, and i must say the 3D mode is great for novelty value. I did find it a bit harder to pull off some of the tighter turns though (it kinda messes with your depth perception, not necessarily in a bad way, but it's still different to what I was used to)