No Sharing of Music Or Movies In Home Yet

GameXtract writes "A recent interview with a representative of Home was caught on tape, and lets just say that we will add this to our hard to watch videos. The audio, and video quality might hurt your eyes, and ears so we will cut to the chase with the information on the interview, and allow your eyes to see for an additional month, and allow your ears to last you for at least another couple of years. If you start watching at 4:30 they start talking about Home spaces, and at around 5:30 the representative mentions that you will in-fact not be able to play music or movies with Home, and share them with your friends..yet. He goes on to mention that their are more important features that the developers are working on, and that they would like to cover those first before moving onto sharing media content with friends. This can be a big let down in several ways, but lets hope that they can get around to it before a public release of the service. If you are willing to watch the video you can view it after the jump!"

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Skyreno3730d ago

well lets hope somewhere in 4 months, they can say hey sharing videos and pitures are back on ^^

HipHopGamerShowFan3730d ago

Uh,,, you could post your own pictures as potraits in HOME......

Dark General3730d ago

This is something i definitely hope comes to HOME eventually. It will really make things that much lucrative to use HOME and blend in with the overall feel of PSN.

Euphrate3730d ago

When's the Open Beta again ?

fufotrufo3730d ago

plain stupid..not in the position to start delaying more things and cutting them out

thor3730d ago

Whenever something gets delayed it's because they have hugely underestimated the time it will take to complete the project, not because they want to add new features and polish stuff. If anything, most times it will be delayed again or released as a half-finished product. That's speaking in general.

It seems home has suffered the same fate; by the time home releases it will not have all the features that are promised/expected, because they will cut features to make sure it comes out this year. Sure, they can add them in later, but that's basically only one step below delaying it again. Home at the moment is not in a state that it can be released and considering it was meant to come out last october that makes one wonder if it's going to be released unfinished.

waznotwaz3730d ago

I agree.You need look no further than Play TV as an example of what Sony promise and then deliver.

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The story is too old to be commented.