Gameplanet Review: The Last Guy

Gameplanet reports:

''The concept of an undead, shuffling creature used for target practise by a human player suited the rudimentary technical capabilities of early gaming platforms perfectly, allowing developers creative license to hoist all sorts of rubbish on an unsuspecting public. From 1984's Zombie Zombie to the firmly B-movie inspired Zombie Revenge, hordes of bored teenagers felt duly cheated after offering twenty cents to the Arcade Gods and receiving in return an enormous dollop of disappointment.

Fortunately, times have changed, and after spending hundreds of dollars on your preferred console you can now be disappointed in the privacy of your own home. To be fair, The Last Guy isn't all bad, but there's only so much you can rave about when a game exudes the same level of complexity as a Soviet-era washing machine''

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OGharryjoysticks3678d ago

This is a very tough game to rate because one minute it seems way too easy and then next thing you know the monster is eating your line so everybody runs into the buildings to hide and all of a sudden you lose.

Fulensenca3678d ago

isn' t a fair vote for this game, though.

Johnny Rotten3678d ago

if this game was a couple dollars less I think it may have gotten the respect it deserves. A $10 price tag makes it too easy for people to be on the fence on weather they should buy it or not.