Jolt Preview: Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop

Jolt reports:

''PlayStation 3 owners might have missed out on one of the most entertaining next-gen titles of the past couple of years, but at least Wii gamers can soon get in on the action. Taking the principle of humorous zombie dismemberment, Chop Til You Drop applies the Wii's motion controls for shooting, smashing and indeed chopping away at the undead masses.

Of course, some sacrifices have had to be made in transferring Dead Rising's mall full o' zombies to Nintendo's significantly less powerful console, which is where the technology behind Resident Evil 4 comes in. It's evident that the hundreds of zombies and objects on screen at one time all interacting with one-another through physics hasn't been possible to the same degree, but the Wii is still capable of some fairly impressive scenes of carnage and mayhem.''

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