Jolt Preview: Heavy Rain

Jolt reports:

''Realism in games is a tricky concept to work with, because what most of us really want is unrealism. We're hardly going to play a game that simulates going out for a steak and cheese Subway and a stroll along the riverfront when we could do the real thing and actually get some benefit from it. The most dramatic thing likely to happen is that we get glared at by a Big Issue seller.

And for Quantic Dream, that's they key concept – drama. Okay, maybe not the homeless indignation variety, but when you have a good story, laced with the kind of sticky situations that most of us would steer well clear of, you don't need to be packing nine types of gun and Kevlar underpants, or so the Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy developer reckons. If anything, those things just get in the way of what we really want to do, which is to say, what we really would do when face-to-face with real life drama.

But going against all conventional wisdom and expectations can't be easy, not least from a developmental point of view. If you're going to change the way people play and think about your game, you need to offer something that nobody else has done before. For PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain, that something is a story that you shape and change within the game's overall framework. A bit like real-time physics, but for events, every action has a consequence and a potential series of knock-on effects designed to make you feel in the middle of a genuinely unfolding story – not just in the 'if you attack the Orc, go to page 73' sense.''

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360degrees3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

but for some reason the whole "Push button/ Real Time Event" type of gameplay is not AT ALL what I was expecting them to go for, as it doesnt really seem to fit this video game at all.....personally i feel that style can severly pull you out of the whole gaming experience, and it is way more suited for action titles.....but hey im sure the "Graphic Whores"(as they're called) will be blinded by graphics and excuse and ignore all other aspects once again

Tacki3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

And I'm sure some will do no research on titles... peg games down to a certain type of gameplay based on a single short video clip... and go on blissfully ignorant.

The fanboys (as they're called) will be blinded by their bias and ignore all other aspects once again. -_-

thor3756d ago

I'm not excited for the graphics as much as the bendable storylines. It's something I've waited to see in a game since I first played a game with a story. Every other game that's tried to do it has failed in some respects - most games just go for the "if you kill too many civilians you get the bad ending" thing. In this game, there's not even a game over. Everything you do, including dying, will occur within the game and have an impact. That makes you really think carefully about your decisions. What's more, the "push button/real time event" gameplay as you put it is only a small part. All the other bits where the character was walking through the house, breaking the window etc. can be controlled by you. There is more than 1 way into the house. You can even have conversations with characters whilst running around (without using a seperate menu) and view your own thoughts about the situation.

The only thing I'm worried about is the control scheme, it seems a little unconventional to say the least. But I suppose that's what happens when you want to fit countless actions onto the same pad.

play_b3yond3755d ago

Graphics are awsome and storyline is suppose to be interesting. Isn't that enough for a game to be good. This is suppose to be an advanture game not an action advanture so who gives a damn if the battles are a little boring. And how would you know the entire game is going go have the same battle system. Didn't God of War had the same type of battle system sometimes in the game and ended up being one of the best ps2 games.