Home Beta Client Updated to Version 0.98

A PS3 Fanboy tipster (left anonymous to protect his identity) told PS3 Fanboy about a new update to the Home beta. The update adds a few redesigned locales, like a brand new Home Square.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3698d ago

This is something that will make HipHopGamer happy :)

Droid3698d ago

who gives a flying f*ck what he thinks, ass kissing queer.

PoSTedUP3698d ago

......^^^ almost there!

the anticipation is coming back!

Armyless3698d ago

they don't measure the release value based on whole dot-zero publishing.

360degrees3698d ago

does anyone else think that this whole "Home Fiasco" has gone on long enough, disappointing fans Over and Over with fake release dates, delays, etc....wouldn't it have been wiser to save all of their fans hopes and just not have said anything about it until it was fully ready?

Tacki3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Microsoft and its $50 million DLC for GTAIV. They announce these things to build anticipation and perhaps give themselves a slight edge. It's no different than announcing games well before they come out. If they just waited until release day to tell everyone about a said game then there probably would be little interest and poor sales.

Now they're not 'selling' Home... but it could prove to shift even more momentum their way so it's natural they'd want people to know about it.

ActionBastard3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

"In all honesty.."


solidsnakus3698d ago

they should of , but you know sony, all overhype , delays, and underdeliver.

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acertainkid1023698d ago

Doesn't that mean that the home expanded closed beta will now send out invites to the U.S

DarkBlade3698d ago

Don't click this unless you want to be disappointed with video and music sharing in home. http://forums.gametrailers....

ActionBastard3698d ago

People shouldn't let anything in beta disappoint. It's beta for a reason.

Idonthatejustcreate3698d ago

Dude, so what if you can share music and videos in home? It's not made to be virtual reality it's just a social layer to the PS3. Home is there for you to meet up with other gamers and chat with them and launch games together so you have something to do while not playing the same game over and over again.

Let me give you an example. You can't share videos or music in Cod4, hell you can't even destroy walls or boxes in Cod4 but it's still a AAA game because it has so many other features that are awesome. Home is much like that. Now im not saying that Home is a AAA title but it has so many features beyond music and video sharing.

Kyur4ThePain3698d ago

Did you really expect to share your movie collection with everybody else, for free?

thor3698d ago

Yep reading some of the comments people have made about that, I agree with some when they say home is just a "virtual chat room with some minigames". I wish everyone could take off their fanboy goggles and not simply accept that they want home because sony says so, then take a look at home for what it really is, a chat room, then ask yourself if you really want it, and if it would really improve your gaming experience.

GarandShooter3698d ago

'Did you really expect to share your movie collection with everybody else, for free?'

Nah, he was hoping to pirate other peoples stuff.

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