Gamespot: Unreal Tournament 3 Review

It might seem a little late to the party, but the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 proves that fast, furious online action, when done correctly, is timeless. Of course, it's a lot like previous games in the series: You'll cringe when you're stuck with the bio-rifle, celebrate killing sprees that come courtesy of the powerful rocket launcher, and memorize all the best vehicle spawn points. But whether or not you've played an Unreal Tournament game before, this sequel provides endless replay value and plenty of memorable, fist-pumping moments that will keep the adrenaline flowing.

The Good:
* Exciting online action
* Warfare mode in particular is fast paced and fun
* The five exclusive maps, like the others, are extremely well designed
* Beautiful, mostly smooth visuals.

The Bad:
* Unlike the other versions, doesn't support user-created content
* Some performance issues and glitches.

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