Ripten Review: SoulCalibur IV

Ripten's Dan Landis writes:

"Of all the new fighting games being released this year, SoulCalibur IV represents, like, half of them. Considering it doesn't have much competition, SoulCalibur really didn't need to try very hard to pillage the average fighting game fan's cash. Instead of just phoning it in like some series do (*cough, Madden, *cough), Namco Bandai Games has hand-delivered a game that makes Street Fighter 3 Turbo Alpha Pro Edition look like Street Fighter 2 Championship Hyper Tournament Edition.

I personally have been of the belief that the time of the fighting game has come and gone. At some point, there was nothing but fighting games, and all I did was sit around at home and bitch with my brother that there were too many fighters and not enough RPG's. Then the first-person shooter craze took off, and we sat around playing Mortal Kombat II on the SNES complaining that there were too many shooters… and still not enough RPG's.

Fast-forward ten years and we have an abundance of RPG's, and shooters managed to survive somehow (damn shooters!), but the fighting genre has all but died. So now with the release of SoulCalibur IV, we have a rarity amongst rarities - a fighting game that is so kick-ass that I, not being a big fan of fighting games, find myself surprisingly entertained."

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