XSEED Has Highest Sales on Record Thanks to Story of Seasons and Senran Kagura

In a recent investors meeting with Marvelous AQL, it was reported that their USA subsidiary Marvelous USA (Doing Business as XSEED Games) has reported their highest earnings in record history. This is mostly due in thanks to the success of Story of Seasons and Senran Kagura Estival Versus.

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Fist4achin870d ago

I hope x seed continues to release games here stateside. There have been a ton of excellent rpgs coming out that I barely have time to play them...

tanukisuit870d ago

I'd like to see them get more sales for publishing Legend of Heroes. Not sure about Cold Steel series, but the "mainline" LOH is so sublime.

kalkano870d ago

Cold Steel are the only ones I'm interested in.

nodim870d ago

Did they seriously messed up and accidentally put Bhikkhuni in the official report instead of Senran Kagura pic or is that a spoiler about their next localization? :'D

notuyuzem870d ago

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KentBenMei869d ago

Show more support for Vita, then.