Call of Duty: Black Ops Makes Top 5 Most Played Xbox One Games

It seems that people really are interested in playing older Call Of Duty games. In the Xbox One’s Most Popular games section you can see that the original Call Of Duty: Black Ops is the 5th Most Popular game on Xbox One.

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DragonbornZ932d ago

Nice. I played it a bit everyday after it came on BC. Damn Kino is so good.
Overwatch just came out tho, so I haven't touched anything else lol..... I.... may have a problem :,(

Regardless of my Overwatch addiction I need to play BO some more. Forgot how much fun the old cods are.

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Bigpappy932d ago

LOL. Say what you like about COD, but it sure does have a following. This game alone is cementing BC as a feature that should be included, on new consoles, in some form. Be it hardware or software emulation. In this case M$ did do a great job with emulation. Hopeful they keep it and make it a day-one feature on new consoles going forward.

BossBattle932d ago

If Black Ops could play on the PS4 then it would make it in the top 5 games played too.