Editorial: A Candid Wii Opinion

PSXExtreme: "No, I don't own a Wii and yes, I'm Editor-in-Chief of a PlayStation-oriented website. But at my age and with my permanent philosophy of 'just play great games, regardless of the system,' I think I'm perfectly capable of forming a candid, honest opinion of Nintendo's effort this generation. Just bear with me.

First of all, let me just say that I applaud Nintendo for accomplishing what they did with the Wii. I was one of many who counted them out in this generation after the GameCube fell short; most simply believed Nintendo couldn't compete in the literal power struggle between Sony and Microsoft. Ah, but instead of fooling themselves into believing it, Nintendo decided to say, 'to hell with it; we're just gonna target a brand new demographic: just about every hardcore gamer who wants something fresh, and every casual gamer on earth.' And they did just that. This system appealed to - apparently - the entire damn planet, and that's impressive regardless of how one views the situation. Yes, I did believe the motion sensing thing was a gimmick, but who cares if it's a gimmick that works? On every possible level?"

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TheColbertinator3732d ago

I understand the reception that Nintendo Wii is getting from the hardcore gaming crowd but its unfair to immediately downplay the console simply because of the shovelware that is there.The Wii is about to get some serious third party support within the next few months and I await to see if those games come out well.

All three consoles are fixing the problems they had before.

PS3 has more games

360 hardware failure is less rampant

Wii is about to receive hardcore gaming support.

I think its a bad idea to cancel out a console especially since this console war is not yet over.

nieto3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Wii it's getting nothing. nintendo fanboys just need to face realty the Wii has less core games than the N64 or GameCube and those two were a failure because they didn't got a lot of games like the ps1/ps2 but they are winning now (Wii) just like everybody hoped, even I wanted nintendo to win this gen.

what more you want? nintendo it's too strict with its rules, that's why almost everybody jumped ship to the ps1 back in the day, and third party's don't like that so they make big budget games (good games) on the PS3/X360 and crappy mini games for the Wii because that's what sells on that console. have you seen the best selling games on the Wii?

maybe we would see a core game here and other there but nothing more and probably bad beside the nintendos trio of mario, zelda and metroid.

ChickeyCantor3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

The shovelware storm will continue no one said it won't.
But Nintendo has far more Thirdparty support then they had with the N64 and GCN.
This can only mean that next to all the shovelware they will actually pump out traditional games.
If you look at the line up till mid 2009 you can see that thirdparty developers are shaping up.

"nintendo fanboys" don't have to face anything because they are getting from both worlds.
Games take time to make, and Since Motion plus is now known with the developers we won't see much of these games untill early 2009.

TheExodus3732d ago

Wii is besieged by shovelware because it's the only next-gen console with an install base sufficient to support shovelware. Maybe you see shovelware as a negative, but historically shovelware volume has actually been a tell for which console has rallied the lion's share of developer support.

ChickeyCantor3732d ago

And eventually those developers will even make games we as " gamers " know.

nes/Sega[8/16]/Snes/PS1 were all consoles with loads of casual games.
But thanks to the huge Developer support a wide variation in games were produced.

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ChickeyCantor3732d ago

once they go " Just bear with me. "
Then there is no point in reading on XD
( however i did read it )

TheColbertinator3732d ago

It was decent but he is lacking some insightfulness into the Wii.

Its a shame because the Wii is just kicking ass

Nugan3732d ago

I don't know how I feel about PSXExtreme. They had another article that I panned because I felt it was disingenuous. It seemed like Playstation fan catering disguised trying desperately to disguise itself as a balanced perspective. And that's pretty much how I feel about this article.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with being a fan PlayStation fan site and openly making arguments for its superiority. I've read some great, passionate arguments for the PS3. But the attempts to present yourself as balanced just to gain credibility with the non-fans so that you'll seem like you're coming from a "balanced" perspective when you make your covertly biased argument seems inherently dishonest. It's like being a life long member of one political party and disguising yourself as a political independent in order to go to an opposing party's rally and try to convert their supporters.

fathoms3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Neither myself or PSXE is out to prove anything to anyone, my friend. We are NOT a fansite (never have been), as we simply provide the best possible PlayStation-oriented coverage possible. We cover the bad with the good; we were always one of the first to report the doom and gloom surrounding the PS3 in the early days. I was also one of the many who questioned Sony's moves and strategy in that time. We can be some of the harshest reviewers on the 'Net, and I dare say if you compare our scores to the averages of GameRankings and MetaCritic, ours are typically lower for PlayStation-related software.

As for the article, you need to get it out of your head that I'm trying to prove my unbiasness with my editorials. I find it ironic that you can even make any such claim when there is NO biasness in the article whatsoever, as most people seem to understand and appreciate. If you'd like to refute statements, feel free, but you're not doing that. I always find it ironic that after loving the NES and SNES to an unhealthy point (LOL), that Nintendo can't seem to get me to buy a console these days. It's a legitimate point and I back it up with to debate them? Or would you rather just read the title of the site and immediately assume that an op-ed piece NOT about the PS3 or PSP somehow has an ulterior motive? I'm too old for silly Internet ulterior motives.

An editorial is an editorial. Accept it as such, please.

Ben S. Dutka
Editor-in-Chief, PSX Extreme

Nugan3731d ago

Once again, my argument wasn't with your specific points, or even with the fact that the article was biased. It was with the disingenuous tone that the article was written in. The article prefaces--like your previous console war article--prefaces itself as a balanced view, but it feels like and afterthought and a justification added to the real fan purpose of the article (a list of reasons why the PS3 was winning the console war in one and an attack on a competitor in the other).

I have no doubt that your PlayStation coverage is of a high quality and that your software reviews are balanced. The software reviews in the official XBox and PS magazines and Nintendo Power are often on par with reviews from multiplatform publications (in my experience, they are sometimes even harder on games), but if you read a list of reasons why the X360 would win the console war in Official Xbox Mag or an editorial criticizing the PS3 in Nintendo Power, you might be able to respect their points, but you would never believe that it was an unbiased piece, even if it swore otherwise.

If you think I'm just beating on you for criticizing my system of choice, check my other comments. Just yesterday I highly praised Wired's explanation of why it felt Nintendo was moving away from hardcore gamers.

But since you asked me to rebut the points you made, here we go:

Your first reason why you feel the Wii will be surpassed by X360 and PS3 is:

"1. consumers are fickle"

You give further justification for this, and I will get to that, but let me refute this statement broadly first. Normally I would agree with you. I mean, consumers have a long history of fixating on one gimmick per holiday season and buying every existing copy of this item until it is totally sold out. If the Wii had only sold out during the '06 holiday season, then it would just be another brief consumer fixation. But it has been consistently selling out for two years. This is well beyond the point of a simple fad. Even if its sales dropped precipitously tomorrow--and there is no sign that they will, since they've yet to slow significantly--the system would be a financial success and it would be difficult for the Xbox 360 or the PS3 to catch up. Hell, it would have to fall precipitously just to sell the same number of consoles as its competitors each month. So, from a strictly financial perspective, it would be nearly impossible for Nintendo to "lose" to Microsoft or Sony. It could begin to slow down--and by all reason it should have before now--but that would be like watching a man who has already lapped his opponents three times in a marathon begin to tire and jump from that observation to predicting that he will lose the race.

"The gimmick hasn't blossomed beyond what it was when the system launched, and gimmicks need some form of growth or innovation in order to keep the fickle consumer fat and happy."

As I said before, there's no sign that the consumers are any less happy or Nintendo any less fat. (I know I switched your wording up, but it makes more sense this way.) In terms of an absence of growth or innovation, Nintendo has offered several innovations on the Wii hardware that have been very well received by consumers thus far. The balance board is an obvious example and the upcoming M+ should prove equally successful. In fact, it's arguable that its Sony and Microsoft who have failed to innovate on their initial product, but I'm not going there because this post is huge already.

On to the second half of your argument:

"Now, somebody will say, "dude, the Wii has tons of games!" Yeah, no it doesn't. Look at 2008."

I don't think anyone would try to argue that they have been totally satisfied with the software--third party particularly--that has been released for the Wii. That said, while the system has not produced the same number of flashy successes (or equally flashy failures) as its competitors, it does have a number of games that can compete in terms of quality, sometimes surpassing the quality of the fill-in-the-dots, up-the-graphics sequels and imitators that often fill the anticipation wish-lists of PS3 and X360 gamers. For example, take 2007, arguably a worse year overall for the Wii than 2008, but yet Wii fans still got Mario Galaxy, a game that stole many Game of the Year Awards from its competitors and is currently ranked #2 overall--behind only another Nintendo title, Orcarina of Time--in critical reception on Game Rankings. In 2008, the Wii has seen several high quality releases: No More Heroes, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Boom Blox, Okami, Mario Kart Wii, etc. And we still have Wario Land, de Blob, Animal Crossing (yes, ok, laugh), and others on the way before Christmas.

"Then, do the same thing of your most anticipated games for the first six months of 2009."

This is difficult, since most of the games that will be released in the first six months of '09 haven't even been announced yet. That said, the two most hyped games coming out for the Wii at the moment--The Conduit and MadWorld--will both be released in the first quarter of 2009.

Also, I notice that every game you list, besides LBP, is a sequel. Yet you bash Nintendo for failing to innovate?

O.K., you say more, but mostly you rehash the points above, and this post is almost as long as your article, so I'll stop now.

Oh, and you claim that most people can see and agree with you perspective, but even the responses to this article on your site are highly mixed.

Vizion263731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

The editor apparently never studied console sale trends otherwise he/she would have known that based on historical precedence that it's highly unlikely the PS3 or 360 will end up ahead of the Wii in terms of sales at this point. It's really just wishful thinking on the editor's part. Considering the Wii has been outselling the 360 and PS3 combined every month even when there was a drought of good games, how can you rationally believe that?

That said the editor's thoughts reinforces the idea that "hardcore" gamers are some of the most narrow-minded, fanciful people on the net. Here is a fact that may blow your mind: not every gamer finds violent games with high end graphics appealing! *Gasps*! I know, shocking isn't it? You "hardcore" gamers are a minority, the vast majority of gamers are "casual" gamers. Yes, a lot of people do have a life. The gaming world doesn't revolve around your taste of video games. Sorry, but it's true.

That said every time you nerd gamers make an anti-Wii comment I'm going to buy another Wii just to piss you guys off more. Ha ha ha!

Product3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

@ fathoms
Here then illl show you were you were being baised.(or just leaving out what you wanted to)
"And why? The gimmick hasn't blossomed beyond what it was when the system launched, and gimmicks need some form of growth or innovation in order to keep the fickle consumer fat and happy. "
Wii fit was growth as seen in the sheer numbers of units sold.Balance board optional features in upcoming titles show that this is "growth" and innovative,and besides its biased to say there is no innovation and leave out the Motion plus with its gyroscope tech which is stated by the developer to finally achieve 1:1 3d motion in a cheap mass marketable package.

"Now, somebody will say, "dude, the Wii has tons of games!" Yeah, no it doesn't. Look at 2008. List off all the Game of the Year candidates. Hell, I'll let you list 20 or 25 if you want. Then, do the same thing of your most anticipated games for the first six months of 2009. ...done? How many on that list are on the Wii? Any? Look, we all know that GTAIV, MGS4, DMC4, GT5: Prologue, Gears 2, Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, and others will lead the pack in 2008, and I'm looking at God of War 3, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Street Fighter IV, and more in the first part of 2009."

Funny because none of the games you mentioned(except GTA4) have come close to the sales of wiifit,mario kart,and SSBB,not to mention you have no idea what games are going out from Nintendo since they never announce games(unlike sony and ms to hype their games up)until they are in the final stages of production.Then you leave out titles that are wii exclusive "hardcore" title such as Madworld,the Conduit and House of the Dead Overkill......which all have been getting incredibly great praise for in their early stages.
"But as the PS3 and 360 begin to really show the technical lacking in the Wii with each passing year - good goddamn; MGS4 compared to anything on the Wii is a joke, IMO - and Nintendo still refuses to come with enough great software...well, I think the jig is up."
If you liked the nes and snes so much you would understand fun doesnt have to look like a movie to be a great game.Understanding that MGS4 was a very short game with half of that being cut scene/eye candy.I can get just as much fun out of Mario Kart then with Metal Gear,and im not saying Mario Kart is better,just that Metal Gear and Mario Kart are in two different genres.
"Unless this changes, Nintendo will lose their lead eventually"
Sorry but in business the "casual" crowd always wins in sales.The Toyota Camry will always sell more then the BMW M3.Its been the same every year since the nes.The console with the most games(casual or not) wins,and if you dont believe me go look at the psone and n64.the N64 in 2000 had 250 games...compared with psone's 800.Who won that generation?(and you can look those figures up)

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