Famitsu Reviews Afrika (translated)

Thanks to a nice fellow "kinkachou" over at GoNintendo, here's a translation of the last review page.

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rhood0223550d ago

I am NOT a 360 Fanboy, but I do an awesome impression of one:

"hahahahahahahahaha" ;

....I always feel a little ashamed when I do that impression.

HipHopGamerShowFan3550d ago

Next thing you know, you want to be the impression of pp.

rhood0223550d ago

I reached for the stars and tried that impression once, but even with my amazing skills I couldn't impress upon the fine folks at N4G anything close to the original.

Besides, I died a little inside.

nieto3550d ago

it got a better score than Too Human and it is just a downloadable game from psn...

i don't even know what's this game anyway.

nos4speed3550d ago

the game is a blu-ray title, I thought it was a download too until someone on here corrected me, I have ordered mine as an import should be on its way now :D

theKiller3550d ago

on just one game, there is no last game that they put all their hopes like 360 with gears and halo, playstation is about a sequence of non stop big hits that will not stop until the end of ps4 first year!!

afrika is jungle game, no one expected it to be an AAA game from the beginning but at least sony is trying to do innovation unlike MS! MS is always playing it safe now but dont think of later!

i think afrika will be a great game for those who love animals, those who give it a bad score r not animals lover or they were expecting some action and was disappointed!!

afrika is not a Mass appealing game!! try to get that @2

rhood0223550d ago

@theKiller case you missed it in the OP and in the response, I WAS BEING SARCASTIC.

I was doing an impression of a 360 fanboy getting back at PS3 owners for their ragging on the low scores of Too Human.

The irony, as you touched on in your rant, is that Afrika is a complete niche game with little to no hype.

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PoSTedUP3550d ago

good review and i bet the game is good for what it is, if you like that kind of stuff.

happyface3550d ago

famitsu is bias against ps3 because this ps3 exclusive is AAA

xxBATTLECATxx3550d ago dude.
leave that at home.

Overr8ed3550d ago

lol battle. its not a bad score for a Downloadable game.

PirateThom3550d ago

It's not a download, it's a disc game.

NegativeCreep4273550d ago

but I know that Pokemon Snap was a waste. And this is something else...I don't know what to rate it unless I get bombarded witht negative cr#p!!!.

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