New Halo 3 Map "Assembly" Runthrough

At PAX08 Bungie is showing off one of their new maps "Assembly" (formerly known as Purple Reign). Here's a video quickly running through the map.

If the stream doesn't work just click View Video below and it should take you to a page that works.


More Gameplay has showed up. 5 minutes this time - with killing, take a look!

Here's even more, better framerate then the above video and more action than the first. -

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Breakfast3758d ago

This is why i love Bungie. So far theyve released 7 maps. And it hasnt even been an year.

TheColbertinator3758d ago

Lets hope they make this one free like Cold Storage.That map felt refreshing.

MasterChief28293758d ago

^ It's going to be in a map pack with 2-3 other maps so... yeah.

JOLLY13758d ago

It was so fun. The new map was ridiculous! I lost to Luke and didn't get recon :(

socomnick3758d ago

Sorry to hear that jolly :(

Recon would have great.

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InfiniteUnfloppery3758d ago

"War has changed.

It's not about nations, or ideologies.
It's not even about profit, resources, or ethnicity.

It's an endless series of proxy battles,
fought by mercenaries and machines.

War, and its vast consumption of human life,
has become a rational, well-oiled business transaction.

War has changed.

ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons,
use ID-tagged gear.

Nanomachines inside their bodies
enhance and regulate their actions.

Genetic control.. Information control..
Emotion control.. Battlefield control.

Everything is monitored, and kept under control.

War has changed.

The age of deterrence is now the age of control,
averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction.

And he who controls the battlefield, controls history.

War has changed.

When the battlefield is under total control,

war becomes routine."

-Solid Snake,Metal Gear Solid 4.

TheColbertinator3758d ago

Actually that can define what the purpose of Master Chief is.He was not created to bring peace but to kill and only to kill.He was a child tested,drugged,and surgically enhanced to become the perfect soldier.The Chief is also monitered like a new age soldier so his superiors can keep track of his vitals and battlefield statistics.But the Chief is incapable of overly humane emotions and he is just programmed to obey orders.

As for the War ethics part...meh.

pshizle3758d ago

this map looks so nasty !

shutupandplay3758d ago

the bad news is we have to wait to play it. the good news is ps3 will not get this.

GodGinrai3758d ago

Cant wait to see how that looks on my tv! I alwayes preffered the forerunner and covenant maps over the earth ones.They show off the game`s art style alot better.

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