Crytek take to the consoles What does this mean for ALL gamers, console and PC alike.

XboxOz360Gamer's Grant Smythe ponders Crytek's move to consoles.

"It had to happen sooner or later, as more and more developers see the advances consoles are making in "This-Gen" and now heading towards even more advances in the "Next-Gen" iterations which should be beginning to arrive around 2010.

It would be foolish for developers to no longer consider consoles as a main platform for delivering their excellent products. Not only are the getting more advanced, but they have a huge market share that they want to share with other console developers. But the added bonus of reduced piracy is definitely influence many, especially Crytek who's Crysis game was one of the most pirated games last year."

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XboxOZ3603729d ago

Pes, couldn't agree more, and in doing so, means more games for the end users.

Gamers are a weird bunch. They claim they want innovation from their games, Developers come up with new environments and ways of playing games, the gamers revolt saying "why did you break what was already working" when all they need to do is learn a new way of doing things (gamers that is)

They scream for more games, yet when development ghouses team up with major publishers so they don't go broke, they scream the major publishers are ruining the game industry.

The gamer of today is spiolt rotten. Not only for choice of games, but on quality and most importantly, quantity. They need to look at the bigger picture more often than the one that is reflecting back from the mirror.

xhi43729d ago

who said Crysis was being "take[n] to consoles"?

what the hell.

XboxOZ3603729d ago

Well in order for developers to deal with both pircacy and bigger audiences, they need to move onto consoles as well as PC's now. If hey don't, then they face difficult times ahead.

One only has to look at stores as to the amount of floor space they now allocate to PC titles. about 1/4 or less is dedicated to PC titles now, and stores make a huge amount from dealing with console titles than they do PC titles.

So it makes perfect sense to cover all your bases if you're a developer these days. Plus consoles are able to deal with game advancements now, unlike the previous generation.

xhi43729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

bad lol

Euphrate3729d ago

Crytek games will be average.

DeadlyFire3729d ago

This won't mean anything. They will still have PC titles and their games will likely run better on the PC unless they learn to change the way they make a game.

As far as Piracy goes that is EA and Crytek's own fault for not having an anti-piracy thing in their games. They could use Steam or Securom as a start. They have neither for Crysis do they?

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dro3729d ago

i swear a post similar to this alerday came up today,!! it dose not mean anything, all it means is that they will now make games for consoles (-_-)

GrathiusXR3729d ago

Crysis have stated quite a few times that after Crysis: Warhead future Crytek games shall appear on the 360/PS3 as there is revenue to be made on consoles and less chance of piracy...

Look at the sales of Crysis sure it sold over 1 million copies but it also got downloaded off the internet a lot and that hurt the sales of Crysis and profit as well..

GrathiusXR3729d ago

Crytek is the developer mate, Crysis is the game.... where in the title does it say Crysis takes to consoles...

Crytek is the company that developed Crysis the game i have no clue what title you are reading mate....

But i think you may just need to look a little harder and maybe read the whole article before posting and making judgment next time perhaps?

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The story is too old to be commented.