Another Year Of Playstation Growth? #2 - Sony Communities

PlayStation Beyond continues its series looking at the future of the PlayStation.

This time: With the X360's Live service reigning supreme, what can Sony do to innovate and make a more clan-friendly interface?

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ViRaL-3707d ago

That sounds awesome! That would make life much more easier with my clan members

HB-Sauce3707d ago

Yeah I agree, good idea for sure.

Dyingduck3707d ago

Not only this is way better than LIVE, it's completely FREE (ROFL 200 bucks LIVE over 4 years)

Then when HOME gets implemented, GG Crapbox360

WHERE IS YOUR god NOW Xbots? A fifty dollars bill?

Mortim3706d ago

I really enjoyed writing this one. It seems both a plausible and logical solution for Sony to do something that the community wants, and simply hasn't seen before.

It's sparked some followup ideas aswell. Check back to see if we get any official word from Sony on this one.

NotAshley3706d ago

Let's face it, Live is a better online service than the Network. That's not to say what the PS3 offers is weak, but we at Team PlayStation Beyond agree X360 Live is a better service, which is why we came up with ideas. You'll notice there's no X360 bashing in the feature because it's all about what Sony can do to improve the PlayStation Network.