Call of Duty: Black Ops Xbox Backwards Compatibility has been Great

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Xbox has finally brought out one of the big hitters with Call of Duty: Black Ops which is basically a classic CoD title at this point. After a week of playing the game I've been thoroughly surprised by the response the title has been getting and the overwhelming support."

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vega275726d ago

Bu Bu Bu Sony executive and fan boys said no one cares about BC

r2oB726d ago

It's obvious people care about BC, and rightfully so as it's a nice, convenient feature. Be that as it may, there are still more people that do not care for it enough to buy an Xbox One over a PS4, this is evident by the fact that Xbox One is constantly outsold by the PS4. Given the disparity in userbase, it seems more people are more concerned with current gen gaming on their current gen consoles than last gen gaming on their current gen consoles. Regarding BC, Sony has been there and done that, and perhaps they think it wise to focus their efforts elsewhere. Seems to be working just fine for them and gamers.

objdadon726d ago

I still say no one cares. They mad ed a big deal about a 100,000 people playing online out of 20 million. Lol. And people have been missing old cod games so of course some will enjoy playing it. I played about 3 matches and i was done.

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sammarshall102726d ago

And 100,000 is more than the amount of people playing current gen titles at one time

stuna1726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

What are you like 2? Grow the hell up! You're wetting yourself over a game PS fans can still play.

And they say Sony fans are the worse! Thanks for making that argument null and void.

vega275726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Why you mad bro. If Sony fans can play. Then do so. Stop getting mad cause Sony told you you didn't need it thru BC but wants you to rent it thru their service.

Questofthecrew726d ago

Its funny how the ps4 has the marketing rights to cod but the xbox one has one of the best ever cods exclusive to its system. Sony must be mad.

MRMagoo123726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

exclusive to its system ? except playable on ps3 Xbox 360 and pc ?

edit: lol 😂 he is actually getting agrees for straight out lies ......yeh n4g home of Sony fanboys right 😂😂

edit2: huh is it on any other next gen system ? what's that got to do with it being exclusive ? it's on 3 other platforms go read what exclusive means

Questofthecrew726d ago

is it on any other next gen console? ill wait

r2oB726d ago

Umm, people can still play Black Ops on the PS3, how is it exclusive to Xbox One? Just because Black Ops cannot be played on PS4, doesn't mean it's exclusive to Xbox One. Your comment is inaccurate to say the least.

Majin-vegeta726d ago

Its funny how xbox fanboys are gloating about playing last gen game instead of demanding next gen experiences....

demonddel726d ago

So you saying they don't have next generation experience on the X1

Questofthecrew726d ago

they get both (more options are better for gamers then less options)

Mulando726d ago

Well I'm still using my SNES and PS2, so yes, I do care about BC. There are so many good old games. Grahpics aren't everything, this should be clear since indi-titles occuring since xbox 360 on consoles and also bought on consoles.

freshslicepizza726d ago

why would sony be mad? they are selling lots of software and hardware and they care more about that than trying to accomodate backwards compatability since they have no reason to at this point.

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Rookie_Monster726d ago

Lol, the BC capability will be expanded after E3. Stay tune :)

r2oB726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Im sure they will continue to expand the compatibility, but I doubt it will expand interest for people not interested in the feature. I can't imagine too many people thinking "I can't wait for Mass Effect trilogy to hit BC, then I'll pick up an Xbox One". It's more of a perk for those who already own the console than a system selling feature imo. I think it's great they are thinking about existing owners, but Xbox fans are blowing the feature a bit out of proportion. It's actually the perfect sleight of hand, keep xbox fans obsessed with BC as main differentiating factor to move the focus away from the lack of exclusives. It seems to be working, considering someone above called Black Ops an Xbox One exclsuive; and so many people try and use BC games to pad the Xbox One library (I can play pretty much every PS1 and PS2 game on my PS3, does that make them all PS3 games? No).

BattleAxe726d ago

It's all about moving your library of games forward with you into the future. This is one of the things that PC gamers have always loved about PC games, because you have backwards compatibility no matter what PC hardware you play on. Whether a game is old or not, if it's a great game, then it's a great game. I've been playing all of the major new games that have been coming out, but I've also been playing some of my favorite games from last gen like Rainbow Six Vegas (1&2), Gears of War and now Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's a blast from the past, and I'm happy that I have the option to play it on my current next gen platform.

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