The outcry and the aftermath over Deep Silver´s Mighty no. 9 Youtube video

Comcept Inti Creates and Deep Silver has finally dropped an official trailer for"Mighty no. 9", and it will “make you cry like an anime fan on prom night.” (for more than one reason). And the outcry and aftermath have been humongous among the MN9 backers and Megaman fans. So this is my (Kenay Peterson, TGG) and Robin Ek´s take on the terrible "Mighty no. 9" Youtube video.

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opinionated933d ago

[email protected] tweet by Inti creates ceo. No shit right?

Simon_the_sorcerer932d ago

Imo, the trailer looks like something from either the late PS1 or early PS2 era...

TGG_overlord932d ago

3.8 MILLION dollars man, it´s insane...