The Consolidation Keeps On Coming: Isn't This a Bad Thing?

Kombo writes:

"It was just announced last night that Square is in the market to buy Tecmo. Cue theme song.

Considering Tecmo's condition, it makes sense. Tecmo lost their star developer (Tomonobu Itagaki), they are about to loose their star development team (Team Ninja), and they just lost their president (Yoshimi Yasuda), thus shaking investor confidence. It's written in stone. Tecmo is going down, and thus the industry becomes one publisher smaller as another familiar childhood brand dies. Our business is getting closer each day to mirroring that of Hollywood. By that I mean there will be fewer venues to publish games. Already we've seen what happened to Ghostbusters when Activision trashed it. The game still doesn't have a publisher, and for a game of that scale, even now there aren't many doors to turn to."

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