IGN: Rolling Stones - Rock Band Wish List Pt. 2

Some would say the seventies saw the last great Stones album. They would not be far off. Save a few random hits, the albums in the eighties and nineties were not quite up to par with what fans had come to expect. The turn of the century has only brought one new album, but it was a solid return to form with A Bigger Bang in 2005. People continually want to write them off, and yet The Stones just keep rocking along.

This list takes a closer look at The Stones' stormy post-sixties catalog, and pulls a baker's dozen worth of the most Rock Band worthy tracks from it.

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Damphear3755d ago

any stones song that has brian jones or mc taylor and other song wouldnt rock as hard. tho if they really wanted to do somthing amazing they should pull a live song from a stones tour with mc taylor