Dead Island Definitive Edition PS4 Requires Download of Dead Island Riptide

Deep Silver’s Dead Island: Definitive Edition will pack in the Dead Island along with Dead Island: Riptide and Retro Revenge, a 2D beat ’em up style game. However, for PS4 users, the physical disc will only contain the first game.

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Nitrowolf2781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

WTF is up with Deep Silver shafting PS4 gamers on their remasters. They did the same when they published saint rows remaster by making you download Gat out of Hell. I just don't understand as its available on the x1 in one full package, why can't they do the same on ps4?

CoNn3r_B781d ago

Maybe they have an exclusive deal or something, it wouldn't surprise me.

nikrel780d ago

They said it's because ps4 game disc does not support multiple games on one disc. This seems like an oversight by SONY.

moegooner88780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

How so nikrel?? Uncharted collection, Heavy Rain/Beyond TS, FFX/X-2 collection,... Etc

Nitrowolf2780d ago

well, heavy rain collection came with two discs lol, but the other ones stil stand as proof

moegooner88780d ago

Mostly because Beyond two souls is 42 gigabytes, lol. About to play it today for the first time, fingers crossed, as Heavy Rain was epic.

neocores780d ago

How is it an oversight Nikrel.
uncharted collection is a good example that these guys are BSING

brianunfried780d ago

I was thinking about getting it, but thats a deal breaker for me.