Mercenaries 2 Free Gas Promotion - Might Be a Good Idea to Tip These Guys

Ripten writes:

"EA and Pandemic Studios announced today, that from 6am this morning til whenever "the pumps run dry", they will fit the bill to pump your car full of gas for free -- if you can make it to 8489 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles CA before the deal goes up in flames.

Seriously, who thought mixing flames, gas, and mean looking dudes covered in tattoos together for a real life promotion would be a good idea? Because it is fucking brilliant. Give that person a raise.

A word of caution. If you are one of those people who never tips the full serve gas guy, you may want to bend the rules a bit this time. I'm guessing this is more of side job for the guys shown above, as their full time gig probably involves crushing people's skulls with their bare hands. Just a suggestion.

Full press release with details as well as a live feed of the event after the jump."

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Zahaladeen3760d ago 10 minutes."

Great promotion though. Every person driving by or on LA radio is going to know about Mercs 2. Inspired PR in my opinion.

Nostradavis3759d ago

I think its a great idea but it should have been done across a few more states. My opinion.

Zahaladeen3759d ago

...was a great place to do this, but I agree: they could have spread it out to a few other major cities. Big guys with guns - they would have fit right in at Houston, Tx.

Young Puzzle3759d ago

if they start blowing SH*T up

ZombieNinjaPanda3759d ago

Why Cali!


Hey Mercs, can you guys come to Jersey? Or at least..Pennsylvania?

New York? Anywhere near me would be good.

Sitdown3759d ago

that people who do not even play video games will get to or got to cash in on something video game related.

iggypop1233759d ago

traffic near that area was insane. i heard some people filled up 60 bucks worth of gas and more. nice idea but its going to be chaos if free. why not just make it 140 so you get something

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