IGN: Gears of War 2 Achievements and More

"The November 7 release date of Gears of War 2 is steadily approaching and that means that the hype train is steadily starting to pick up steam. As with every massive holiday release, Gears 2 has some serious expectations to live up to. The first game has sold more than five million copies and with Epic's Design Director, Cliff Bleszinski throwing around the phrase "bigger, better, more" at every turn, gamers the world over are expecting a lot from the second entry.

Luckily it seems that Microsoft's biggest game of the year is poised to deliver. While there's little doubt that you'll be blown away by the single-player and multiplayer trimmings, Gears 2 isn't forgetting about the details. Linked Achievements were first announced at Comic-Con but now we've got the skinny on all three of the newly created rewards..."

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zethos563760d ago

All of them sound fun to get. And no worries about boosting!

No PC version of Gears 2 this time around... wonder what the reaction will be...

chitown3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

true that bro. this is my most anticipated game this year. cant wait to play this sh!t online.

Porno Decepticon3760d ago

That's really sad if this game is your most anticipated.

Gam713760d ago


clearly you're the one whos sad

go troll elsewhere

ape0073760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

that's really sad if you want to diss him

@ 1.1 don't worry about this hater let him cry alone

we are here to love games not to hate

TheIneffableBob3760d ago

I thought Gears of War was merely an average game, so no PC version won't affect me.

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ape0073760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

my 360,now it's your time to turn on for hours

gears rock man

these achievements look great,I'll have fun collecting them :)

TheColbertinator3760d ago

Agreed Ape

Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 will make this year finish with a BANG

Peow3760d ago

I think that's the 5th game for 360 I want, maybe. With the price drop and the Elite being 400 dollars is very tempting. However, with me being 16 and being paid 7.50 an hour and needing to pay for a new car and a trip to Greece, it doesn't look like I'll be able to afford it. The trip to Greece alone is almost 3,000 dollars.

>.< Maybe next year.

TheColbertinator3760d ago

Gears 2 will be waiting.I see many people playing this for a long time.

ape0073760d ago

agree man

gears 1 mp mode was addictive

gears 2's looks ultra addictive,man those mele kill moves really get my blood pumped

TheColbertinator3760d ago


Using the sniper as a sledgehammer just screams out EPIC-ness!

Nevers3760d ago

And I'll proly get a higher % of the achievements this time around...

shutupandplay3760d ago

i feel sad for ps3 fans. the bad news is they cant play this. it will be the most played online game this holiday season. the good news is i will play it.

doshey3760d ago

oh ya im going to cry myself asleep cuz i cant play 8 vs 8 matches online, guess i will have to settle with 30 vs 30

zethos563760d ago

Failure. Gears doesn't even have 8 v 8 lol

Gam713760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

wow, if you judge online by the number of players and not the gameplay then you miss the point by a wide margin and if that represents you aim maybe you should stick to games with more targets to make it easier for you.

What next missing the gameplay to only focus on graphics...

The original poster has a point though. It will be the most played online game this christmas on both consoles, and thats without "free" online gaming.

there's a comment about who are gamers and who's not in there but i can't think of it.

PoSTedUP3760d ago

now with the ps3 fan base close to 360's i think socom has a great chance of being the #1 played game online this holiday season, socom is a proven franchise that is over 10million strong and has a very big fanbase, we wont know till this christmas but it will be a close one ya know, i wouldn't doubt socom. thats just my educated guess though.

Dyingduck3760d ago

So let's do simple map:

Is 60 > 10?


Even worst, go here:

Gam713760d ago

fair point posted but 360 owners buy more games and this will sell more than socom imo.

Also live is so active and ps owners acknowledge that but i don't hear anything about psn's online activity. Maybe i'm wrong but it just doesn't seem as lively so for that to change in a few months due to 1 game when mgs online was supposed to do that seems unlikely to me.

One thing is sure we will only know at christmas.

But neither of us can ignore cod5

Herbert tholdpervert3760d ago

Hey Dyingduck here's an idea for you


PoSTedUP3760d ago

"360 owners buy more games" but ps3 owners buy more exclusives than anything and socom is an exclusive title.

sony doesn't really tell about their online activity like MS does, dunno why but between warhawk,cod4, mgo online, resistance, mlb 08 the show and some multiplat titles i think the PSN its pretty lively and active ya know.

yea i agree, cod5 is going to be great and everyone is going to buy and play it this holiday season.

cemelc3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

funny thing: the xbox live will probably crash like last year.

And a little wisdom for the fool:

Its not about sales is about witch one is better and to put it simple Gears cant beat R2 (pls note that i will never use GOW for that crappy game, those letter are reserved for a real game like God of War and seems an insult to put them on the same level), example of this is okami(epic game, poor sales).

On a side note id like to add that cod 5 doesn't count cos is muliplat

Gam713759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I dont think ps fans buy more exclusives just that you've had the last big exclusive and thats still fresh in everyones mind.
Also multi-plats usually get bought for the 360 (though thats starting to lvl out now)

And to the funny guy above as you don't own a 360 you wont know anything about it or its services but ms upgraded the servers for gta so it now handles double what it did last year. No crashing this christmas and i wouldn't be surprised if they did an upgrade this year.

No relying on others for their online.

And a little wisdom for the moron.
Ps fans go on about sales when it suits them, as your dismissing that it means you know GoW will sell more than R2.
Ps fans ignore online gameplay when it suits them to talk about how many can play online, why because they know that the game they're championing doesn't match up with the gameplay.
And one last thing, if R2 was multiplat but the exact same game ps fans wouldn't be talking about it, why, because some ps fans are so desperate to to feel smug due to their insecurity that they need any reason to gloat even if what they're gloating about isn't that good.
This leads them to hijack 360 threads with nonsense saying "my games better than yours"
Ignoring for instance that GoW1 was considered the first truly next gen game and reviewers and gamers (the ones that actually played the game not the insecure whingers, you who haven't) loved it and considered it brilliant but say GoW2 will fail because the first one was crap (in their ignorant opinion) but will say R2 will be the best ever and better than GoW2 cos the first one was sooo good even though it was considered by a lot of reviewers and players to be generic and not up to the hype.
R1 certainly didn't get the widespread praise that GoW1 did so by ps logic it will be worse.

Wait ps logic is if it's on sony it tehgreatestbestestever and on 360 its crap.

True gamers eh?

me and psoted was having a decent discussion on here for once and you came on and really let his side down.

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