Edge: Nintendon't Care About Hardcore?

You can tell a lot about a company by the way it chooses to talk to its customers. In 1985, all Nintendo needed to say to conjure up the exciting world of home videogaming was the boyishly simple 'Now you're playing with power!' By 2006, one of the taglines chosen to introduce the company's latest multimillion seller was the catchy 'Can you remember what you had for lunch the day before yesterday?' It's the kind of approach you might expect from a dentist or a dietician more than the legends who rule the house of Mario. It's just one indicator among many. Nintendo has changed, and it has the bank balance to prove it.

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Product3678d ago

The 100th article this week about this.

Nugan3678d ago

Yes, but it's also the smartest, most analytical, and most even-handed of those articles (most of which were either "lulz wii sux" or "nah guys i luv ninty, shut up").

I don't agree with all of the points in this article, but at least they make a real attempt to explain Nintendo's business practices.

kindi_boy3678d ago

long @$$ article but worth it.

Product3678d ago

Ill agree with you and they make valid points but it just gets tiresome when every other article has this type of headline.

Suga Shane3678d ago

"But now that it’s back on top, it seems unable to please the very people who once cheered for it when it was being written off. With mainstream consumers forming lines around the block, why is Nintendo now struggling to satisfy hardcore gamers?"
The people who cheered for it are still with Nintendo.....3rd parties and alleged "hardcore" gamers turned their backs on Ninty.

"Miyamoto is spending turning his grown-up interests into Nintendo software is time he isn’t spending overseeing development on the new Zelda and Mario titles Nintendo’s more traditional fans demand."

People complain that they over use Mario and Zelda then in the same breath they cry that there is not a new Mario or Zelda game coming out soon enough.....catch 22 for Nintendo huh?

"9. Third-party publishers like Nintendo just the way it is"
Why not, the Nintendo seal of quality has faded into the darkness and 3rd parties are allowed to push this crapware on us because they are to lazy to create good games. The 3rd parties are more at fault for the alot of the junk an the Wii. You get out of it what you put into it and High Voltage proves this.

Maybe I'm way off topic but I just wanted to share MO.

ChickeyCantor3678d ago

You make 2 good points,
However your last one is a bit misunderstood.
Seal of quality pretty much said " it works 100% with our console "
That was pretty much it =).

theusedfake3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

sure that we've all come to terms with this.

it hurts, but there are plenty of games on other
systems to keep us busy while we wait for another
good wii game

dericb113678d ago

I know people want to cut for them but keep this in mind. Nintendo first sold to it's core people. If you look at there launch party's you will see people in cosplay and people who have been with them since the NES. Now they are putting them on hold for new comers. This may burn them since the system doesn't have anything to keep your true buyers there. I think software sells may drop because we all know Nintendo is the best at what they do and Mario and Zelda MIA for that long is not good.

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The story is too old to be commented.