FeedonPS3 "Complete" Warhawk Review (BP, BT)

This review by Stallone1993 covers Warhawk, Omega Dawn, Broken Mirror, Fallen Star and the Jabra BT125.

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DJ3707d ago

But with all the new updates, it definitely deserves a 9. The gameplay is damn near perfect, and SO engrossing. I love the new tutorials as well.

cLiCK_sLiCK93707d ago

i have respect for IGCOGNiTO.
They Are One of the few developers that have huge support for their game.

Tommorow its Warhawks birthday!

PoSTedUP3707d ago

yea true that, warhawk is so far the funest nexgen game i have played so far. its just soo intence man im in love with it , its a must buy for any online gamer. *goes and plays warhawk*

PirateThom3707d ago

My play time between day 1 buy and a few days ago was 6 hours... I've almost doubled that in 2 days.

rroded3707d ago

one of the best games ever made
nothing online comes close imo

jwatt3707d ago

My manager plays this game like crazy first he got a ps3 just for Blu-Ray then I mention Gamefly to him so he got that and picked up Warhawk. I told him he might not like it because it's online only the next day he came into work and he said he loves this game. He plays no other game but Warhawk, I told him about Uncharted but He didn't really like that too much, the only game he plays is Warhawk.

SixTwoTwo3707d ago

I just bought this the other day and it is incredible. I was getting my ass handed to me for the first 5 or so hours but once I got a feel for it I couldn't put the game down. I've been having so much fun with the proximity mines lol. As soon as those PSN cards hit 7-11 I'm getting the booster combo.

Pro Tip... If you own a PS3 and don't own Warhawk do yourself a favor and buy the game :)

INehalemEXI3707d ago

All it needs now is a kick arse SP/Co-Op Campaign expansion and it will be near perfect.

PimpDaddy3707d ago

Warhawk keeps getting better and better. Gave me a reason to repurchase a PS3 thats for sure.

I am organizing a WarHawk tournament for a videogame website I moderate. If anybody is interested add me to your PSN friends list.

PSN ID: P1mpdaddyTonyG

That's p1mp spelled with a "1" instead of an "i" because PSN is retarded like that.

We are starting at 12:00 PST Sunday

Kami3707d ago

today i popped up warhawk and i got 7 throphies before even i had a chance to start playing.

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Stallone19933707d ago

Each booster pack does bring me back to the game LOL.

Dino3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

every booster pack that's released has me coming back for more. It's always as much fun to play now as it was on day one. You can tell by this thread the game is still loved by many, no one in here is disagreeing, A must buy for any ps3 owner. Oh and nice shirt holmes.

psn denny76

Dyingduck3707d ago

Where is your god now Crapbox? Gaylo3?

Even though this game was rated around 8s when first came out, it definitely deserves a 9 with the all the new updates - I must admit, the gamely was quite spectacular and near perfect balance - engrossing/addicting combats

GiantEnemyCrab3707d ago

haha I think they are busy enjoying Halo which this game is a joke next to.

PoSTedUP3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

its another fruity halo fanatic averaged from 8 to 14 years old that still thinks halo is cool and has nothing else to play online cause gears online is lame and boring with only 4 vs 4. XD. : D

zapass3707d ago

even the single player is better: you don't get no cheezy pompous story to try to believe in.


DarK-SilV3707d ago

@GiantEnemyCrab go play all the flops that have been released on 3fixme since Flop gaiden 2,
we are waiting for Fable to flop next,let me tell you something ,fable will have alot of problems because its an open world game and 3fixme cant handle these kind of games mark my word.

cemelc3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

@GiantEnemyCrab you're a joke, if you had the stones to be a decent player you would say that halo3 was pure garbage, the single was the lamest of the 3, "the plan was to kill themselves"(i migth not be and expert in games plots and such, but that doesn't seem like a plan ), and the only redeeming quality of the game was forge, on the other hand you have warhawk witch multiplayer maps where huge, the balance almost perfect, the vehicles put halo 1,2,3 in shame and the massive battles are awesome

Dacapn3707d ago

We need Megazord power, now!!!

AIi_The_Brit3707d ago


i own both

and i would rather play warhawk any day of the week

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PoSTedUP3707d ago

i dont have any of the mappacks and still this game is unbelievable.

pwnsause3707d ago

well buy the 3 booster packs then, $16.00 for all 3, man, and that will make the game from unbelievable to OMFGWTFBBQ Fun.

PoSTedUP3707d ago

i was thinking bout dishing out 50$ bucks for all of them which in my eyes isnt a bad deal cause its like getting a whole new game plus more ya know.

QuackPot3707d ago

adds whole new dimension to gameplay....empowering everybody in the game.

And it's a laugh watching players line up to get a pack....except those aholes who jump the cue.

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