Left 4 Dead DLC Details writes " Some new details on the downloadable content for Left 4 Dead have been revealed by its writer Chet Faliszek. The writer notes that Valve plans to add new scenarios to the game's initial four, as well as new bosses and weapons. A flamethrower is also hinted at. "

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lowcarb3730d ago

These guys are throwing a lot of love into this title and with DLC the replay value will only jump even higher. L4D might actually turn out to be a sleeper hit and whats surprising is the fact that two or 3 months ago 360 looked dead and now it's looking like a must buy this holiday.

PureGamer3730d ago

Cannot wait for this game :D

Bolts3730d ago

On the PC all this will be free and available two months earlier. LAME. Live need to stop ripping people off.

Gunloc3729d ago

This is such great news! I hope one day TF2 for the 360 will also have them. Way to go Valve!

DA_SHREDDER3729d ago

They should have made this available for the retail version. I dont see me buying this game if they expect me to dish out even more money for stuff that should be in a game. As a matter of fact,, I wont even rent this game. This isn't 2007 where both ps3 and 360 users only had limited selection of games. I have too many games to play as it is.. Good try Valve.

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